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Map of Korcula Beaches

An interactive map of Korcula Island beaches

Explore and locate many beaches on the island of Korcula, including the most popular Vela Przina, Pupnatska Luka and Proizd.

To help you to plan your trip to Korcula I created the map below – an interactive map showing Korcula island with a selection of markers that indicate the locations of various beaches around the Island. If you click on the marker a little info box will appear with a photo where you will be able to click on the link that will take you to the full info page about a particular beach. The page includes photos, weather advice, access to the beach, videos, and more.
There are currently 51 beach and swimming spots in this guide – all beaches that I have been to and took photos, videos and noted their attributes. Some of them are large(er) some pretty small, some are hidden and quite secluded, some commercialised. Some of the beaches have full car access and nearby car parking and some are not accessible by car, only by foot or by boat. Have a look:

Note: Using your mouse you can zoom into the map and move it around. If you would like to see a terrain map or satellite view of Korcula, click on the ‘map’ or ‘satellite’ button in the top left of the map. The zoom menu is on the bottom right corner of the map.

Korcula beaches are regularly inspected and well-maintained to ensure they are clean and safe for visitors all year round – click here to see current reports

Beaches included in this map: Babina Badija Bacva Bilin zal Bisace Bratinja Luka Brna Cavica Luka Defora beaches Duba Peljeska Gubavac Istruga Ispod Duvana Kamenjak Kneze Lenga Brendana Luka Korculanska Mandrac Medvinjak Mala Rasoha Orlandusa Pavja luka Planjak Prigradica Proizd Puntin Pupnatska luka Racisce Rasohatica Ripna Raznjic Samograd Sestrice Spomenik Beach Stiniva Strecica Stupe Sutvara Sveti Nikola Beach Tatinja Tri Zala Trstenica Vaja Vela Przina Vela Rasoha Viganj Beach Vrbovica Vrnik Beaches Zakerjan Beach Zavalatica Zitna Zrnovska Banja Beach

map screenshot

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