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Romantic image of Dubrovnik from 1900s

Korcula as an island is very much connected with Dubrovnik as this is one of two larger cities that are in close(r) vicinity of Korcula, particularly to its East coast (the other one is Split).

Korculans travel there very often: the main hospital that covers the area is there therefore among other things, it is very likely that most Korculans are actually born in Dubrovnik.

However, there are a lot of us that were born here, on the Island, usually due to the urgency of the delivery of simple courage of our mothers and their determination not to bother to go anywhere else.

Another reason why Korculans know Dubrovnik well is because a lot of us were attending a college or university there as there is no university on Korcula Island. Usually, in Dubrovnik people study music, medicine, economics, tourism, or management.

I also did my degree in economics in Dubrovnik (my old uni website) so I lived in the town as a student for four years. Those 4 years gave me plenty of time to explore Dubrovnik and its surroundings and I love that town very much.

We also travel to Dubrovnik every time we have to fly from its airport (we don’t have ours yet – but are promised to get one eventually, it will be located near Smokvica).

Dubrovnik airport is about 150 km away from Korcula Town.

It takes about good 2 hrs to drive to the Airport bearing in mind that one has to take a ferry to cross from Korcula Town to Orebic on Peljesac Peninsula.

Presently, there is a regular bus service and ferry service at least once a day from Korcula to Dubrovnik and back. It leaves Korcula daily early morning (around 6.45 am) and arrives in Dubrovnik around 9.30 am. In the afternoon, at about 3 pm, the same bus leaves from Dubrovnik and arrives at Korcula at about 6.30 pm. In the summer months (and sometimes even later/earlier – subject to the Bus company’s moods) there are two daily services to Dubrovnik and back – the morning one and the afternoon one. The afternoon bus leaves Korcula at about 4 pm to arrive in Dubrovnik at 7 pm. The same bus then rides back to Korcula the following morning around 9 am. So, if you are lucky, you might even have a chance to choose between these two buses 🙂

Also, there are ferries that sail to/from Dubrovnik – see on the ferry page, where all updates about ferries are available.

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Update: I started with the new Dubrovnik Travel Guide – at the moment the guide includes the following chapters:

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