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Walking & Hiking

Walking & Hiking around Korcula

The Island of Korcula is a very pleasant to have a marvellous walk around. There are numerous routes around the island yet unexplored, as well as some well-known routes to follow. Korcula can be enjoyed by walking and hiking enthusiasts and active adventure travellers as well as complete beginners and Sunday walkers too. The island is perfectly suited for walkers, and there are numerous interesting walks to be had.

Suggested walking routes around Korcula:

  1. Short Walk to Sveti Stas Hil near Zrnovo

  2. Hike to Veliki Hom Hill (442 m)

  3. Walking / Hiking Route: Korcula Old Town – Zrnovska Banja – Zrnovo – Kocje – Korcula
  4. Lovely colours of Kneza bay and beach
    Walking/ Hiking Route: Kneze – Pupnat – Zrnovo + optional walk further to Korcula Town

  5. Zrnovo to Gornje and Donje Blato Route
  6. Walking / Hiking Route from Korcula Town via Dracevica (Zrnovo) to Gornje Blato and Lumbarda – info, photos, video and map
  7. Walking around Donje Blato field
  8. Hiking to Sveti Ilija on Peljesac – across the water from Korcula. Orebic and surrounding area of Viganj and Kuciste have plenty of exciting hiking or walking opportunities up Mount Sveti Ilija which defends the town from prevailing winds from the north. There are other fascinating hiking trails, one of which reveals a Franciscan Monastery which was built in 1470 on a sheer ridge above the sea. The Maritime Museum is worthy of exploration with its exhibits of paintings and other historic relics.) + Walking/ Hiking Route: Viganj – Kuciste – Orebic + See photos and video from Hiking trip on Sveti Ilija Mountain @ Peljesac
  9. Walking/hiking Route: Viganj – Zukovac – Bilopolje – Orebic – great half-day, easy walk just across the channel with fantastic views over Korcula – read more and see photos
  10. Walking around Lumbarda – several routes for pleasant half day walks around Lumbarda
  11. Walking / Hiking Route: Lumbarda – Zrnovo – Korcula – Check Zrnovo pages for more info
  12. Zaglav walk – photos and map
  13. All posts and pages about walking and hiking
  14. more walking and hiking photos – Photo gallery


Group of walkers


Tarmac lane


Asphalted road


Olive Groves




Views from the hilltops


Accommodation for Walkers/ Hikers:

The range of accommodation offered in Korcula is wide and varied. There is something to suit everyone’s taste and budget. List of suitable accommodation for walkers/hikers around Korcula :

My favourite Walking Quotations:

  • Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time. – Steven Wright
  • I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me – Chris Howell
  • Let no one be deluded that a knowledge of the path can substitute for putting one foot in front of the other – M. C. Richards

Recommended relevant reading:

Walking in Croatia book – From the Cicerone Guides series. Paperback 160 pages, Publisher: Cicerone Press

Rising suddenly and spectacularly beyond the narrow ribbon of coastal cities and rocky beaches, the mountains of Croatia have much to commend them as a walking destination. Ranging from gently sloping, forested hills to rugged tops and limestone crags, and reaching its most spectacular in the massifs, collectively known as the Dinaric Alps, it is a wilderness of magnificent grandeur, rich in wildlife and plants.

The routes in this guide cover all the main hiking areas in Croatia, from the Dinaric Alps along the coast to a number of other areas further inland. Catering for a range of abilities, they run from easy day trips on islands in the Adriatic to extended itineraries across jagged mountain chains. The book also contains generous background information, including sections on history and language, and appendices giving details of mountain huts and shelters. You can buy this book from Amazon.