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Korcula Apartments – List of Recommended Villas, Apartments & Rooms

Private Accommodations in Korcula:

Private accommodation represents an important source of income for local families. There is a strong and long tradition of renting-out rooms and holiday apartments in this community, dating back from early ’60s, so local people are very much aware of needs of their guests and they are usually very welcoming hosts. On these pages, we will show, in our opinion, only the best bits of Korcula private accommodation and will leave the rest unlisted. If you need personal advice about accommodation in Korcula or any other advice, please email.

Where to stay on Korcula Island?
The question of where to stay on Korcula Island is one often emailed to me and of course simple answer is that it depends what you’re looking for. I recommend that you start off by having a look at the map of places on Korcula Island to familiarise yourself where the different places ..read more

Korcula Apartments, Rooms and Villas:

Online booking for accommodation grouped by area in Korcula: