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Nightlife in Korcula

Open air concert in Korcula

The Rough Guide to Croatia says about Nightlife in Korcula: Drinking in Korcula is quite animated during the day. At night, however, Korcula becomes Snorcula – there is an almost total lack of decent bar in Old Town, and the string of flashy places just behind the bus station are curiously joyless bunch..However, while Korcula is obviously not known for its nightlife you will be pleased to kick back for sunset cocktails at Tramonto Cocktail Bar or Massimo Bar.

Nighlife spots in Korcula:

Later in the evening, mingle with local youth at Dos Locos Bar before hitting Gaudi Discoteque (see small video clip), a disco located in one of the oldest arsenals on the Adriatic and one of the only places where you can dance until early morning birds start chirping. In last few years, there were also Festivala Istruga Music and Art Festival/Parties – however, they seem to move away from the island to unknown destination.. (See their poster here) FamousShatush Bar was also closed.

There are sometimes open air concerts in Korcula, usually performed by local bands (such as ReadyCool – see above photo and video Ready Cool concert in Korcula)

Most of the nights during summer there are live music at various bars around Korcula – at Akademija, Noa, Deja Vu, Dno Dna, Tramonto, Mistique etc..

Here are some more videos from Dno Dna (Servantes nowadays) :

In winter time or out of season, the popular place in Korcula is Peco’s Pub Bar where local youth spend their Friday evenings enjoying live music and DJ nights.

Photos of Nightlife in Korcula:

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