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Korcula Weather


Weather and Climate on Korcula Island: Korcula Island shares its climate as well as the weather with the rest of the Croatian coast. The temperatures tend to get warmer if you go further south along the coast so as Korcula is in the southern part of the country it has a very mild Mediterranean climate, similar to Greece and southern Italy. Its characteristics are long and hot summers, usually dry with minimum rainfall, and mild winters that can sometimes feel cold due to cold north winds (the wind factor).

Weather Forecast

Current weather forecast for Korcula

Being surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, the wind is an important weather and climate factor that influences the nature around the island.

Winds around Korcula Island:

Here is a current wind forecast for the next 24 hours for the Korcula region:

Typically the worst south winds are reported along the southeast coast between Raznjc and Prizba. These winds are usually the tail ends of storms and provide excellent conditions for sailing and windsurfing.

More about the weather in Korcula:

Cold and cloudy day winter’s day in Korcula with a tiny rainbow over Old Town – taken in January. The panorama is “stitched” from 4 different photos. My Korcula Weather video channel

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