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Windsurfing around Korcula


About windsurfing in Korcula

Due to the ideal geographical position, windsurfing is a very popular sport in Korcula waters. Korcula is exposed to the sun for most of the day and due to regular wind Maestral, which blows in Peljesac and Korcula channel almost every afternoon. Korcula is a pleasantly windy town. Maestral is created due to changing differences between the temperatures of the mainland and the sea when the air above the mainland becomes so hot by the afternoon that creates the Maestral wind which blows from the West to the East along the Croatian coast. Maestral is a popular summer wind. It brings freshness and breeze to Korcula’s summers as well as it creates a great windsurfers playground on our waters.

Korcula shares the same Peljesac Channel with Viganj – a tiny place on the Peljesac peninsula where windsurfing regattas for the Croatian championship have been held for many years. Besides it, Viganj was a host to the World Championship in Windsurfing in 1989 and to the European Championship in 1990. Click to see a MAP of PELJESAC CHANEL with Viganj and Korcula sharing the same waters.

In the mid-seventies, when the first windsurfing boards arrived in Korcula, brought by German tourists and windsurfing enthusiasts, Korcula youths discovered that windsurfing is the most incredible of all sports. It combines the thrills of surfing, the calmness of sailing, and puts you in touch with nature almost as good as a good trek. As soon as the first tourists with their windsurfing boards arrived in Korcula, the sport was instantly accepted and Korcula has had and still has some good amateur windsurfers – Smiljan, Kico, Mladen, Vinko, Tonci, Niko …

In Korcula, one can windsurf for some wonderful peace of mind from virtually any spot along its coast, or you can surf every afternoon with the rest of the crowd of hundreds of other windsurfers in Peljesac Channel for fun and companionship. No other sport in Korcula can give you the feeling of windsurfing – the unbeatable feeling of being out in the open, gliding effortlessly over clear waters of the Peljesac or Korcula channel.


Windsurfing Schools in Korcula:

If you are new to windsurfing and would like to learn or try you can take lessons in a few places in and around Korcula. The schools are based in places where the wind is not as strong and the wind conditions are suitable for beginners. Windsurfing is a bit more complex than many sports. If you’ve never sailed before, it will require you to learn about wind while using your body to keep balance on the narrow board. There is no substitute for having an expert tutor nearby who can give you lessons and save you hours of frustration. Windsurfing is one of those sports that looks so effortless that everyone wants to hop on a board and give it a try. Although it is very easy, it is extremely helpful to spend your first few hours with a qualified instructor, on equipment specially designed for beginners.

History of Windsurfing in Croatia – a short introduction:

First windsurfers in Croatia, as well as Korcula, were seen along Adriatic Coast and its Islands in the early 1970s. They were rare German and Holland enthusiasts who brought their boards to the Croatian coast and sailed in, at that time, truly isolated places. Locals, old and young, were amazed by their appearance. Organized windsurfing activities in Croatia started within sailing clubs in the late seventies. Independent windsurfing clubs in Croatia begin to get organized in the early eighties when windsurfing in Croatia becomes a competitive sport within Croatia Sailing Association. Nowadays, there are about 12 windsurfing clubs in Croatia. Regular Croatian Windsurfing Cup and Croatian Windsurfing Championship are organised each year. The University of Zagreb from 1981 has its windsurfing section within its Faculty for Sport and Physical Education. Croatia is becoming the last few years’ more popular travel destination for windsurfers.

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing centre in Viganj:


Windsurfing and Kitesurfing centre in Viganj

Accommodation in Korcula suitable for windsurfers:

We selected a list of Korcula accommodations suitable for windsurfers. All these accommodations have safe storage for boards, masts and other windsurfing equipment, have their own parking places and all are located in the near vicinity of Korcula beaches or swimming spots along Korcula coast:

The advantage of choosing Korcula as your windsurfing base is that you can windsurf in, for windsurfers, well known Peljesac Channel and still be in the sophisticated environment of Renaissance Old Town of Korcula, the birthplace of Marco Polo where you can windsurf during the day and enjoy Korcula arts and culture afterwards. In the evenings you can, besides traditional Moreska dance, even see a good film in the open-air Korcula cinema!

Short video clip of summer afternoon with windsurfers – shot @ Puntin in Korcula Town, Peljesac channel (July)