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Things to Do in Korcula Island

Things to Do - Hiking - views
Visit Korcula and get involved in the wide range of activities this island has to offer.

With over 200 km of tarmac lanes and country footpaths, the Island of Korcula is one of the favored walking/hiking as well as cycling destinations in Croatia (above photo: views from hills near Korcula Town)

The island is also one of the key sailing and windsurfing destinations in Croatia, with some great things on offer for sailing or surfing enthusiasts of all abilities.

Windsurfers in Korcula
Above photo: Windsurfers in Korcula
If you are a bit of an adrenaline junkie the island offers exciting outdoor adventure activities including sea kayakingmountain biking, paragliding, scuba diving, and more (check here excellent Mountain Bike Tour on the island).

The Island is the perfect playground, boasting a hugely varied landscape just waiting to be explored – from lovely and secluded bays to sandy beaches surrounded by colorful clear sea water ready to be dived into! Try also snorkeling adventure or buggy tour.

If it’s a more relaxing break you’re looking for, you could make the most of our wildlife and take a day out with Donkey Safari (below photo) to explore the island’s vineyards and countryside or do some quiet bird watching or snorkeling.

You can also enroll in a course – on Korcula you will have an opportunity for a wide range of courses, including diving, sailing, windsurfing, yoga, art, and more…

You can also enjoy peaceful days fishing by the sea, or go for a bit more of a challenge with any of the sea fishing excursions.

The semi-submarine ride is a favorite one for children and families.

The Island also offers some great festivals that you can take part in, including:

Time your visit to coincide with one of these Korcula events and get out and about exploring the Island’s coastline and countryside.

Wine tasting with views
Above photo: Wine tasting with views
Sightseeing of Korcula Old Town is a must for any visitor to the island. Booking any available excursions or day trips will make your visit complete.

Things that I do on the island

Here are the best things that I do in Korcula. Bear in mind that I am not young anymore so I take it easy these days:

  1. I go to a beach. Every day. First thing in the morning I get down to my nearest beach for a swim and snorkeling for about 30 minutes.
  2. Then I go for coffee and pastry in my favorite local cafe where I indulge in great coffee, food, and newspapers for about an hour.
  3. In the afternoons I go for a hike across to Peljesac (on the hills above Viganj or Orebic) or for a ride on my bike to one of the remote bays on the island where I walk, swim, snorkel and try to catch some fish if I’m lucky 😉
  4. If it’s a windy day I get into my small sailing boat and sail in the afternoons. Or, if I’m a bit lazy I go to Vela Przina Beach in Lumbarda to build a sand castle :0
  5. If it’s a calm day I go to my tiny rowing boat for a short 15-minute rowing workout around the bay. Sometimes I fish from that boat too (I have 3 fishing rods!)
  6. In the evenings I usually go to local bars or restaurants, for a meal, drink and chat with locals.
  7. If there are some interesting performances or art exhibitions going on somewhere in the town (or beyond) I also go there.
  8. I visit the local library to borrow some books to read (they even have some books in foreign languages – check when you come here)
  9. If the weather is very cold (winter), instead of the beach I go for a swim in our local indoor swimming pool (see video here)
  10. Sometimes I go for a day trip to one of the islands in our local archipelago (Badija, Vrnik, Stupe, Planjak or Majsan) where I spend a day island-hopping while enjoying nature (it’s usually on weekends).
  11. Every now and then I go for a day in Dubrovnik or to Mljet National Park which is just up the road from us (1/2 hr ferry ride to Mljet and 1 1/2 hours ferry ride to Dubrovnik and back.
  12. From time to time I go for a day or two to Hvar or Lastovo (mostly in spring and autumn) to avoid the summer heat.

Above photo: Donkey safari near Zrnovo village