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Korcula Beaches

Korcula has a lot of small and secluded beaches all over the island, but the “best” or let’s say most popular ones, are sandy beach Vela Przina in Lumbarda and pebble beach, Pupnatska Luka. Although these are very popular beaches, there are a lot of hidden and secluded swimming spots in small bays that are worth visiting and spending a day there.

Beaches on the Island are recognized as being some of the best in Croatia. One of the advantages of being surrounded by water is that wherever you go the beach is never too far away. With more than 150 miles of varied coastline, the Island offers wide-ranging types of beaches, rocky, sandy, and pebble, hidden coves with clear waters. A trip to the beach is an essential part of any visit to the island.

On these pages, you will find photographs, videos, and comments on Korcula’s popular swimming spots and beaches that are classified as pebble, rocky, sandy, etc. There is also info about access to a beach, location maps, how to get there, where to park, and similar.

Typical beach on the island
Typical beach on the island

List of Beaches on Korcula Island:

map of all beaches
Map of Korcula Beaches – perhaps you can start with a map of all beaches on the island – an interactive map showing Korcula island with a selection of markers that indicate the locations of various beaches – click to enlarge

Or if you prefer – here is a list:

Beaches in Korcula Town:

  1. Buzy day on Banje Beach, KorculaBanje beach – pebble beach in the centre of Korcula Town – situated in Borak area in the vicinity of Marko Polo, Liburna and Park Hotel. This is the oldest beach in the town, very busy in the summertime, crowded with tourists as well as locals. Visiting is easy, just walk from the town centre towards the east and you will be there in a few minutes..read more
  2. Colours of the water at Zakerjan Beach, KorculaZakrjan Beach – rocky beach in the centre of Korcula Town (Rocky) –  located in on the eastern edge of the Old Town and it is one of the oldest swimming spots in Korcula, very popular with locals. The beach offers a lot of large rocks, concrete slabs/ platforms and jetties suitable for sunbathing…read more
  3. Luka Korculanska Beach – sandy beach in Korcula Town (Sandy) – a picturesque sandy beach situated in the Bay of Luka Korculanska , on about pleasant 15 minutes walk from the Korcula Old Town or a short water taxi – boat ride from the Old Town’s pier , in near vicinity of Campsite Kalac and Hotel Bon Repos…read more
  4. MandracMandrac Beach – rocky swimming spot in Korcula Town (Rocky + pebble) –  runs down the coast from the Maksimilijan Vanka Museum / Collection towards Strecica bay, passing right along the walls of Sveti Nikola Church and Monastery into the small marina/jetty; as some patches of pebbles ideal for small children… read more
  5. Ispod Duvana Beach – pebble beach in the centre of Korcula Town – nice and handy little beach in the heart of the Town offering undisturbed views over to Old Town skyline, which is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque views on the Island. Great small spot to spend a day on ..read more
  6. Windsurfing at Puntin Beach in KorculaPuntin Beach – pebble/rocky beach – edge of Korcula Old Town – located in on the northern edge of Korcula Old Town and its Port,  popular with local windsurfers and people living nearby. The beach consists of a stretch of shingle/ pebbles, row of large rocks, large stone slab/ platform great for sunbathing and sunset watching…read more
  7. Spomenik Beach on calm sunny daySpomenik Beach – pebble – @ Plokata, Korcula – on the western edge of Korcula Old Town at Plokata making it popular with visitors to the Old Town and people living nearby. It consists of the stretch of shingle/ pebbles and spacious stone slabs that are handy to stretch your beach towel and enjoy some sunbathing..read more
  8. Sveti Nikola Beach – rocky – consist of a long stretch of wide and spacious stone slabs and jetties very handy for sunbathing and jumping into the waters. At the several points along the beach/pool ladders are installed for easier access to the sea; a popular sunbathing place among the locals of Sveti Nikola area as well as among visitors..read more

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Beaches in Lumbarda:

Lumbarda sandy beach Prizna

Afternoon on a sandy beach in Lumbarda

  1. Sunbathing at Vela PrzinaVela Przina Beach – Lumbarda – (Sandy) – a lovely sandy beach, one of many picturesque beaches in Lumbarda, offering spectacular views of the sea all the way to Lastovo. This is a very popular sandy beach, filled with tourists and locals; on the southern side of the island, so it faces open seas..read more
  2. Bilin Zal viewed from KonobaBilin Zal – Lumbarda (Sandy) – small, sandy beach on the eastern shores of Lumbarda. It is located about 4 km from Korcula Old Town and is connected with Town by regular bus service; popular with families and small children; gets crowded in the summers. Features small care/restaurant/konoba for refreshments or meals – read more
  3. Late Summer Afternoon at Tatinja Beach, LumbardaTatinja Beach – Lumbarda (Sandy) – located in Lumbarda village, right below Vela and Mala Glavica, this is a small sandy stretch of coast very popular with locals of the village. A good place to spend the afternoon as several nearby cafes offer cold drinks and wine tasting offers .. read more
  4. Lenga Beach near LumbardaLenga Beach, Lumbarda – (Rocky) – can be found on the unspoiled northeast coast of the Korcula Island, in the near vicinity of Lumbarda. The beach is made up of large white and golden rocks which are adjacent to the Raznjic, the eastern horn of the Island. An ideal place if you want to spend some peace & quiet away from crowds ..read more
  5. Raznjic Beach (Rocky) – The beach is made up of large white rocks washed up by stormy seas throughout the centuries forming several natural slides and steps convenient for getting in and out of the sea. The water around this beach is extremely clean and transparent reflecting several colour shades..read more

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Beaches in the Archipelago:

Views of the Archipelago from a rocky beach on Vrnik islet

Views of the Archipelago from a rocky beach on Vrnik islet

Beaches on the rest of Korcula Island:

Early morning swim on the secluded beach of Korcula island

Early morning swim on the secluded beach of Korcula island

Winter time on the beaches:

Whilst a beach holiday is often associated with good weather, Korcula benefits from all-year-round mild weather. During the autumn and winter months walks to our Defora beaches are very popular, as they provide some of the best landscapes and views of the Korcula and the surrounding island of Lastovo, Mljet, and Peljesac. Beaches, bays, and swimming spots are nice places to walk in the winter or out of season when temperatures are not suitable for swimming or sunbathing.

Have a look at some nice winter day photos and videos from various Korcula Beaches:

The latest conversation about beaches on our forum:

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