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Splt - Croatia

Split is the nearest larger city (another one is Dubrovnik) that is fairly close to Korcula Island.

Travel or transport to Korcula very often includes travelling via Split as its ferry port serves as the main hub for various local as well as international ferries – click here for all ferries that are sailing to and from Split.

Besides ferries, most of the buses for further travel start from the main bus station in the town. Trains to Zagreb go from the city’s main train station.

Korculans go to Split quite often. To study, to do some shopping, to visit a hospital or to travel further away.

I love Split. It is a city that is a lovely place to visit at any time of the year. I never stay for long (for some reason, I always travel further away). However, even if I’m there for just a few hours I never missed the opportunity to have a nice coffee (with views) at Riva, its popular seafront promenade – have a look at this nice Riva video below:

Here is a list of the articles that cover some aspects of the city:


Above photo: Panorama of Split from the 1920s

More details about visiting or passing by this lovely city @ its tourist board site www.visitsplit.com and croatiaspots.com/split/