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Museums in Korcula

Although Old Town of Korcula as a whole is a museum at its own, there are couple of ‘proper’ museums in Korcula with exhibition of objects relevant to history of Korcula.

Most of them are located in the Korcula’s Old Town here is a list:

korcula-town-museum1Korcula Town Museum

The Town Museum is located on the Old Town’s main square Trg Svetog Marka, in elegant Gabrielis Palace, just opposite of the St Mark’s Cathedral. This museum has a large collection of displays relevant to Korcula history, skills and crafts. Here is a permanent exhibition of Korcula’s sculptor Frano Krsinic (1897 – 1982), though pretty soon this collection is going to be transferred to the recently renovated Arneri palace (next to the Museum) that will be a home to the gallery of this famous Croatian sculptor. See here some examples of paintings from museum’s permanent exhibition. ..read more about Korcula Town Museum

bishops-treasury1Bishop’s Treasury of Korcula

Bishop’s treasury is located on the same main square (St Mark’s Square) – Piazza. It consists of small but amazing collections of fine and sacral art. Set of paintings, including a Portrait of a Man by Carpaccio, Virgin and Child by Bassano, couple of Tiepolo studies of hands and some Raphael drawings, and a tiny Madonna by a local Renaissance artist, Blaz Jurjev of Trogir. There is also a Leonardo da Vinci sketch of a soldier wearing a costume that bears a resemblance to that of the Moreska dancers… read more about Korcula Bishop’s Treasury..

museum-icons-korcula1Icon Museum

Museum of Icons features a permanent display of icons in the rooms of the All Saints’ Brotherhood, with the fifteenth-century triptych of The Passion…The Icon Museumis in the vicinity ofthe All Saints’ Church (Svih Svetih) , aBaroque style church that dates to the early 14th century.. The access to the collection is via Kaporova street on the East side of Korcula Old Town, right next to lovely arch and balcony of All Saint’s Church. The church and museum are opened all year around..read more about Museum of Icons

marcopolohouse1House of Marco Polo

House of Marco Polo is believed to be house in which Marco Polo, the famous world traveller and writer, was born. The house features small loggia / tower which offersmagnificent views over the Archipelago.

The house is owned by Korcula’s Town Authority with plansfor reconstruction into futureMuseum of Marco Polo ..

read more about Marco Polo Birth House in Korcula Old Town

marcopolo museum sceneMarco Polo Museum

Marco Polo Museum is recently opened, fun museum at Plokata, Korcula towns main square. The museum is opened in summer 2012 in house that consist of several floors witch are all installed in permanent exhibition. On the ground floor of the house is small Marco Polo souvenir shop that offers nice little presents and memories from your visit to Korcula…

read more and see all scenes from the museum

Revelin Tower Museum

Revelin Tower Museum is located in Tower Revelin at the very entrance of Korcula Old Town.

Museum of Maksimilijan Vanka

Museum of Maksimilijan Vanka features permanent artwork collection of famous Croatian and American painter Maksimilijan Vanka, located in Sv.Nikola promenade.

The museumalso house Maksimilian Gardens, a coolbeach lounge and bar…

read more about Museum of Maksiimilijan Vanka

Museum in Blato

folk-museum-blato2The Folk Museum in Blato: Etno Kuca “Barilo”

Folk Museum and Etno House “Barilo” is folk and ethnographic collection located in Blato on Island of Korcula.They treasure collection of variety of artefacts and objects from peasant life of Blato village and surrounding areas..read more + Video : The Folk Museum in Blato, Island Korcula Video – click to watch

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