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Korcula and surrounding area of Peljesac is an ideal stopover for campers, backpackers, cyclists, walkers, individuals, groups, families and those who enjoy the outdoors. There is an extra – large campsite in Korcula situated next to Hotel Bon Repos Auto Camp Kalac – about 20 min walk from the Korcula Old Town. It is a  fairly large campsite with good basic facilities, owned by local hotel company.

Much smaller campsites are privately owned and are mostly based along road to village of Racisce in the area of Tri Zala, Vrbovica and Kneze (see a large map on Korcula Map Page in main menu). There are a lot of good campsites along Peljesac Peninsula too, some of them situated in nice little bays with clear and clean waters.All campsites listed on this page are suitable for families with kids or the outdoor enthusiast and are offering accommodation to suit the needs and budget of any traveller. These campsites are backed up by a reputation for good quality, cleanliness and safe and comfortable environment.

Campsites on Korcula Island:

Campsite Kalac


Campsite Kalac : CAPACITY: 600 camp places

LOCATION: 20 m from the sea, camp suitable for wind surfers, 2 km from Korcula Old Town or pleasant 20 min walk along bay of Luka Korculanska. At the sandy Beach.

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Campsite Vrbovica

camping-vrbovica1CAMPSITE VRBOVICA – Bay of Vrbovica / Zrnovska Banja – Korcula Island

Camping ground Vrbovica Bay – CAPACITY: 50 camp places;

LOCATION: at the beach and pier, 5 km from Korcula Old Town – read more about Campsite Vrbovica

Campsite Oskorusica

orskorusica-campsite1CAMPSITE OSKORUSICA – bay Oskorusica – Korcula

Camping ground Oskorusica – CAPACITY: 30 camp places

LOCATION: 40 m from the sea, camp suitable for windsurfers, 8 km from Korcula Old Town.

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Campsite Mindel

mindel-campsite1CAMPSITE MINDEL – Vela Luka – Korcula Island

Camping ground Mindel – CAPACITY: 120 camping places

LOCATION: 5km from Vela Luka – 40 km from Korcula Old Town.

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Campsite Potirna


Camping ground Potirna – CAPACITY: 80 camping places

LOCATION: 5 km from Vela Luka – 40 km from Korcula Old Town.

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Map of Campsites on Korcula Island

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Camping on neighbouring islands info:

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