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Luka Korculanska


Luka Korculanska is a large bay situated on the eastern part of Korcula Town. It is also know as Luka Us, Porto Pedoci (Porto Pidochio), Uvala Skoljaka or Kalac.

It takes about 20 min walk to reach it from the Korcula Old Town in the direction of Domince and Sveti Anton.

This large bay is also situated on the very outskirts of Park Hoberso it shares it’s pleasant microclimate of fresh air and cool temperatures.

These pleasant characteristics were obviously noticed by wealthy, pre-second world war middle classes (1930s) from around Croatia, who at the time, built their holiday homes along the bay.

The bayfeatures some fine examples of last century’s (1930’s) architecture, recently badly spoiled by various extensions and add-ons (see this lovely house)

There is a nice little sandy beach at the bay, mostly used by Hotel Bon Repos guests and locals from the Domince and Sveti Antun areas.

Accommodations on offer in Luka Korculanska:

Some photos ofLuka Korculanska: