Korcula Old Town

Korcula Old Town

KORCULA Old TOWN is a medieval walled city positioned on a oval-shaped swelling of land pointing deep into Peljesac Channel. The city itself is grooved with a succession of narrow streets that branch off the spine of the main street like the fish bone. Fish bone shape was used in Korcula Old Town design to reduce effects of wind and sun and provide citizens with sheltered and comfortable accommodation.

The architecture of the Old Town is mainly influenced by Venetian Renaissance, although there are some fine examples of 1930’s architecture of old villas out of the Old Town, in the bay of Luka Korculanska (Kalac), unfortunately recently spoiled by various extensions and add-ons. (see more about Korcula Town )

The main street runs throughout the town itself stretching from north to south, dividing the Old Town, an ellipse shape, into two equal parts. Rows of side streets that runs from seashores on the West as well as on the East side of the town, meet the main street in the top of the small hill where Korcula Old Town’s main square Trg Svetog Marka and Sveti Marko Cathedral is located.

Southern of the main square, just behind the main entrance to the town, another, smaller square with some important buildings is located, connected with Trg (Pjaca) by the main street.

All streets on the Western side of Korcula Old Town run straight, while Eastern streets runs in shape of small curve, to protect the town of cold and unpleasant North/Eastern winds.

Due to town’s hilly relief, all streets in the Old Town are created of steps that run up and down from the main square and the main street. The only street that has no steps is a first street on the Eastern side of the town, just behind Rampada/ Arsenal, connecting town’s main street with tower Rampada. The nucleus of Korcula Old Town is part of Croatian national heritage and is therefore protected as a top class national site.

Streets in Korcula Old Town

Map of Korcula Old Town

Main Streets and Squares in the Town

Streets on Eastern Side of the Town

Streets on Western Side of the Town

  • Žitnica
  • Knezev Prolaz
  • Ulica Od Teatra
  • Ulica Giunio
  • Ulica Ismaelis
  • Ulica dr. Dinka Miroševića
  • Ulica Rafa Arneri
  • Ulica Vinka Foretića
  • Ulica Don Luke Depola
  • Spaniceva Ulica
  • Ulica Kanonika Antuna Rozanovića
  • Ulica Svete Barbare

Please, note “Ulica” means “Street” , “Trg” means “Square” in Croatian Language. Click on each link to see photo of the street with location on the map of the Old Town. check also Dubrovnik Old Town – often compared with Korcula

Map of Korcula Old Town:

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