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Korcula Sights

Visiting local sights, old buildings, squares and monuments in the Old town is one of the most interesting things to do in Korcula. Here is list and map of all sights in Korcula:

Korcula Old Town:

Korcula Old TownKorcula Old Town – a medieval walled town positioned on an oval-shaped swelling of land pointing deep into Peljesac Channel. The city itself is grooved with a succession of narrow streets that branch off the spine of the main street like the fish bone. Walk around the old town is a must if visiting Korcula..more info

Medieval Town Walls:

Medieval Town WallsKorcula Town Walls – Due to its strategic location in this part of the Adriatic, Korcula Old Town was surrounded by high walls and towers from its early beginnings.  Situated on a small peninsula the town is still surrounded by 14th century thick stone walls and towers that were built in medieval times for defence against passing-by enemies. Large sequences of defensive walls structures still dominate the Old town..more info

Town Gates:

Town GatesThere are two medieval city gates to the Old Town, the gate entering the town from the seaside, located on the western port of Korcula (Riva) and another one from the mainland side, entering the Old town on the southern side of the walls near the downtown’s main square Plokata:
Kopnena Vrata (Land Gate) – also called Vrata od Grada is located within Veliki Revelin Tower approached by a wide stone stairway with lovely balustrade.. more info
Morska vrata (Sea gate) – also called Porta Maris approached by a double stone stairway with interesting balustrade and small fountain right next to Loggia .. more info

Fortresses / Towers:

Fortresses / Towers There are eight fortresses/towers still remaining in Korcula to be seen by visitor, dotted around the Old town and one on the hill above – starting from north-west they are Zakerjan Tower, Kanavelic Tower, Sea Gate Tower, Small Governor’s Tower, Large Governor’s Tower, Revelin Tower, Tower of All Saints. Outside the town is Forteca – Fort Wellington.


Palaces If you walk around the Old town you can see eight Renaissance palaces in its small streets and squares: Arneri palaceGabrielis Palace, Bishops Palace, Caenazzo Palace all on the main square, the Governor’s Palace on a smaller square, and in the side streets Ismaelli Palace and Lesic Dimitri Palace


Squares There are several interesting squares to see in the Old Town , popular with visitors and locals where you can sit and enjoy the beauty of the architecture: St Mark’s Square, the largest square in the Old town, smaller one Trg Antuna i Stjepana Radica and small English Piazzeta located on few minutes walk outside the Old town in Borak neighbourhood.


MonasteriesSveti Nikola Monastery and Dominican Convent, Korcula are two monasteries situated in the near vicinity of the Old town, just a few minutes walk from the heart of the town. The Franciscan Monastery is located on the small islet of Badija which is just a 10 minutes water taxi ride from the Towns east port. Another Franciscan monastery is in Orebic, across the Channel.


ChurchesSeveral churches and cathedral are dotted around the Old town as well as outside the town and in villages around the island – here is a selection:   St Mark’s Cathedral, All Saints Church (Crkva Svih Svetih), St Michael’s Church (Crkva Svetog Mihovila), St Peter’s Church (Crkva Svetog Petra), St Justine Church (Crkva Svete Justine), St Antony’s Church (Crkva Svetog Antuna)

Pillars, Columns, Arches and other monuments:

monumentsLoggia – Loza –  a small building at the western harbour of Korcula Old Town, next to Sea Gate entrance to the Old Town, under main town walls built in 1548 as a place for passers-by to sit and rest, as well as a shelter from a bad weather.. more info
Pillars – there are several interesting pillars in the town to see and notice, passing by squares and gates..more info

Touring around the Old Town - taking photos

Tours around the Old Town and beyond:

Map of Korcula Sights:

About above map>> click on any of map markers which will take you to a specific page of each of Korcula sights..still in progress, adding new coordinates daily.