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Getting to Korcula Town and Island

map-ferries-korcula1Korcula is well connected to the Croatian mainland and Dalmatian coast, especially in the summer months. The off season boats ferry connections are bit less convenient, so you would need to rely mostly on buses to and from Dubrovnik and early mornings ferry to Hvar and Split. There are various options to reach the Island and the town of Korcula.

On this page you will find all sorts of different means of transport with detailed time tables. If you can not work out your way properly or would like to ask for more info or advise about arrival and departure to/ from Korcula, please check our Korcula Travel Forum  to see if answer to your question is already available.

If not, post your question and we will be happy to help! Alternatively, email.

Flying to the nearest Croatian Airports

Korcula nearest airports are Dubrovnik Airport and Split Airport both convenient to reach the island. Croatia Airlines is the state owned flight-carrier but there are various low cost and charter flight companies that do flights to Croatia. Currently British Airways flights to Dubrovnik are good choice.If you didn’t book your flight yet, you can do it directly from here. Check British Airways prices and timetables for flights to Dubrovnik.

See also Expedia that offers selection of best available fares on flights to Croatia by Croatia Airlines too. has also good search engine to search for flights to airports of Croatia. There are also lot of flight comparison sites with search engines that searches 100+ airfare sites at once, comparing the costs. They include flights searches for Croatia Airlines, Ryanair, Easyjet and Wizz Air, British Airways as well as other low cost airlines that fly to Croatia.

Flying to Italy and getting a ferry to Croatia

Most of the available flights are also good choice for cheap flights to Italy and then getting from Italian ferry ports Bari, Pescara or Ancona by ferry to Zadar, Split, DubrovnikHvar or Vela Luka.

These ferry crossings are particularly nice in the summers as they mostly include overnight sailing across the Adriatic Sea which is always very pretty in the calm weather.

Most of the ferries on these routes are large and comfortable car ferries so you can also consider to get to Korcula by your own (or rented)  car.

Some of the ferries are fast speedy ones that cross the Adriatic in 4 hrs – such as Pescara to Vela Luka fast ferry that sails directly to the island. Unfortunately it is not as frequent as others, nevertheless still worth checking its schedule just in case.

The most frequent and most popular ferry routes from Italy are from Ancona to Split and from Bari to Dubrovnik. Please note, in the high season you can also consider Ancona to Hvar ferry that sails 2 or 3 times per week.

If you have enough time and would also like to visit Italy, this way of travelling can be much better than flying to Split, Zadar or Dubrovnik. See also info about getting from Venice to Dubrovnik in case you will visit Venice or here for south of Italy

Once in Croatia, below are all necessary info for your travel to Korcula. Feel free to print this or any other page for your own usage.

How to get to Korcula (step-by-step guides)

If you are unsure or have any questions about your arrival/departures from/to Korcula, please ask @ Getting to Korcula Travel Forum

Getting to Korcula from Split

If you decide to fly to Split, the best option to come to Korcula is by ferry catamaran Split – Korcula – Split – via Hvar – (foot passenger service). It is speedy boat that takes you to Korcula Town in just few hours. This one leaves in the afternoon so it is likely you can get it after your landing. Other ferries from Split include:

  • Morning fast ferry from Split to Korcula – this ferry sails every morning May to October and on its way also stops in Brac and Hvar, proceeding further to Mljet and Dubrovnik.
  • Split – Vela Luka (Korcula)- Lastovo: At least once a day (depending of the season) car and passenger ferry service from Split to Vela Luka – a town on the west coast of Island of Korcula, 50 km away form town of Korcula. There is regular and reliable bus service that connects this ferry with town of Korcula (see bus info above)
  • Split – Vela Luka (Korcula) – Lastovo (passenger service only): This is daily fast passengers service. There is regular (except at Saturdays) and reliable bus service that connects this line with town of Korcula (see above buses). For this service as well as ferry Split-Vela Luka see Ferry Jadrolinija timetable.
  • Split-Korcula ferry: This ferry arrives in Korcula Old Town. this is not daily ferry, so be careful with timings (note: this ferry is discontinued)
  • If you missed all these ferries, everything is not lost yet, as there is a bus from Split to Korcula that runs every day at 1am ( 1 o’clock after midnight) and arrives in Korcula at 6am.
  • If none of this is convenient, we can always arrange taxi to pick you up at Split Airport and drive you to Korcula – email us your request. Also, check Korcula Car Rental page for rent-a-car ideas and prices.

Getting to Korcula from Dubrovnik

If you decide to fly to Dubrovnik, try to book the fight which arrives before 1pm at Dubrovnik Airport. This will give you enough time to catch a bus that runs every day from Dubrovnik to Korcula. The bus departure is at 3pm. If your flight to Dubrovnik arrives later, you would need to overnight in Dubrovnik as there is no public transport available. Following day you can take bus or ferry to Korcula. If this is not convenient, we can always arrange mini bus to pick you up at Dubrovnik Airport and drive you to Korcula – email us your request . Also, check Korcula Car Rental page for rent-a-car ideas and prices

Local Ferry Timetables :

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Getting Around:

Some points about getting around the Island


Exploring Korcula island with the freedom of your own transport can be fun –  renting a car is a good choice for those that want to discover the island’s countryside while if you prefer to stay within your chosen area a bicycle or scooter is the perfect way to explore. And if you are here in the summer don’t miss the opportunity to rent a kayak or boat to explore nearby bays are beaches:

Maps and Guides:

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