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Campsite Kalac – Korcula

Campsite Kalac - Korcula

Camping Kalac is a large campsite (10 000 m2) situated in the bay of Luka Korculanska, about 20 minutes pleasant walk along the bay/seashore from Korcula Old Town.

This is the only campsite on the Island of Korcula that is on the reasonable walking distance from the Town (2.5 km)

All other campsites are situated in the places where one has to have its own transport or use a local buses. The site has 125 camping pitcheseach with own electricity supply.

Kalac enjoys its position in the wooden part of the bay, where large number of camp places are situated in the shadows of 100’s years old Mediterranean vegetation – mostly large pine trees while some camping pitches are without any shade.

Camping places are clearly signed and connected with web of nice little paths around trees and bushes. Obviously, the person who planned Camp Kalac was very much aware of using natural landscape and not disturbing trees and plants. As result of this careful planning, there is only a stretch of concrete paths suitable for cars, caravans and motorhomes while most of the camping pitches are connected with walking-only paths.

Some places in the camp Kalac are suitable for large tents, caravans or motorhomes, while others are carefully created to suits needs of small tents or domes.

Another nice thing about this camp is that quite afewof camping pitches are created in the way that access to it is only by foot, whilein near vicinity of the particular camping pitches there is a specially created place for parking a car if necessary, so one doesn’t have that ‘car-park’ feeling from which quite a fewof campsites suffers.

Camp Kalac has two separates buildings of toilets and showers with constant supply of hot and cold water. Unfortunately, there is no toilet for disabled persons.

There is a decent size supermarketwithin the groundsso food supplies are easily available.

Beingin near vicinity of Hotel Bon Reposcampers from Camp Kalac can conveniently use hotel’s facilities.

The sandy beach of Luka Korculanska is less than 50 meters away, so this campsite is suitable for people who would like to beclose to the beach for swimming, sunbathing, windsurfing, sailing or any other water sport.

This camp site is suitable for range of people – from families with small children to single travellers or backpackers with small tents and sleeping bags.This is pet friendly camp site too, so dogs are welcome!

As this is very popular campsite so to avoid disappointments, early booking for busy periods (July and August) is recommended.