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Fishing around Korcula

fishing-korcula-photos1 Local people from Korcula, living on the island surrounded by the sea, has a long are a steady tradition in sea fishing. That tradition is going on from the ancient times when fishing was an important source of food finding.

Fishing is particularly developed in villages Lumbarda and Vela Luka. Lumbarda is famous for, so-called, ‘ small fishermen’ – people who fish as their hobby and as a source of side income, while Vela Luka has a long professional fishing tradition, that includes even a sardine factory. Fisherman’s from Vela Luka fish the whole Adriatic and their catching are sold in many Croatian towns and exported abroad too.

Most of the people from the island of Korcula fish the area surrounding the island while some, more experienced dare to sail to Island of Lastovo, Mljet and Glavat. Locals mainly fish in small or bigger fishing-boats. Lot of families in the town of Korcula has a boat, locally called barka and occasionally everybody goes fishing for sheer fun and companionship.

There is a local fishing association called ‘KANJAC’ – a society that in the summers organize a yearly fishing competition. On 27th of July every year, anybody can enter the competition and possibly win some nice prices 🙂

If you come and have a look at Korcula harbour you will see a lot of boats owned by local people used for fishing and excursions around islands. The locals fish from the seashore too. There are various good spots for angle fishing such as Riva (port in front of Hotel Korcula) or Nova Riva – Punta Jurana (harbour on the eastern side of the Town)

Some Fish Species around Korcula











There is a fishing shop in Korcula right in the very centre of Korcula Town where one can buy various fishing equipment – bites, floats, angles, hooks, fishing rods, fish traps etc….

There are some people who are willing to take you fishing with them too – Mr Ratko or Mr Sokol – local hobby fishermen who do fishing excursions.

To go fishing, if you have a boat licence, you can also rent your own boat in Korcula