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Smokvica - panorama Smokvica - panorama, 27.08.2014

Smokvica village (pronounced Smokvitza) is located about 30 kilometres from the Korcula Old Town. It is a small village of about one thousand inhabitants.

The village lays on the southern slide of surrounded hills which gives this village a pleasant climate as it is protected from the Bura – unpleasant and cold northern wind.

History of the village dates back from 15th and 16th century when Slav tribes from the Croatian mainland arrived here to find a refuge of Ottoman attacks.

Traces of life in this location is found in Gradina (Smokvica suburb) which dates back to Illyrian times.

Smokvica’s parish Church of The Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary (crkva Očišćenja Marijina – Crkva Gospe Kandalore) was built towards the end of 17 century and again rebuilt on the beginning of 20th century (see the bell tower of the church).

February the 2nd is the village’s holy day. See other churches in Smokvica

Village ‘LOGGIA’ dates from the same period being the place where locals would gather together to discuss and solve mutual problems, agreed on mutual aims and announced the latest news.

Loggia was, at that times, the very centre of life in the village, where old customs were performed – such as sword dance Kumpanjija and local habit of ‘Plucking the Orange’ as well as ‘ Stari Bali’ – old dances.

Getting to Smokvica – see info about bus service to and from Smokvica here

Vineyards in Smokvica:

Smokvica has long established a tradition of wine-making as well as olive growing. The large and fertile Smokvica Field is a location of the well-known vineyards, where famous wines Posip and Rukatac are grown for centuries.
These are quite well known dry wines from the area, known as excellent wines among the wine-lovers.

Vineyards of Smokvica include:

On the edges of the village, there is a wine factory which serves wine production of the village. It is on the way to bay Brna – Smokvica’s local bay. The position of the factory is chosen because of the vicinity of the bay Brna where the large jetty was built by Austro-Hungarian empire, to enable locals to sell their wine and olive oil and transport it by boats and ships to the mainland and further to Austria, Hungary and Italy.


Hotel FERAL – Brna bay: In the Seventies, Brna bay becomes very popular as a tourist destination. The Hotel FERAL was built there in 1971 as well as numerous holiday homes and apartments available for rent to the travellers and tourists. To leave Brna, following the local road towards the west to the bays of Prizba, Grscica and Karbuni one can arrive in the villages of Blato and Vela Luka. This route is a pleasant way to reach these places, as it runs all the way along the sea and one has a picturesque view over the Korcula Channel all the way to Lastovo.