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Sveti Nikola Beach


Sveti Nikola Beach is located in the centre of Korcula Town along the popular Sveti Nikola promenade. The beach consist of long stretch of wide and spacious stone slabs and jetties very handy for sunbathing and jumping into the waters. At the several points along the beach beach / pool ladders are installed for easier access to the sea.

Sunny all day around this beach is very busy, popular with people living nearby, local children and families as well as visitors to Korcula.

The waters on this beach are of nice blue and green colours, clean and transparent – fantastic 🙂

Facing North , the beach is often windy, completely exposed to Bura and Gregal (in the mornings) as well as to Maestral (in the afternoons).

Several local cafes are in the close vicinity of the beach (the nearest ones are pizza cafe Sv Nikola  and cafe Academia) serving selection of food and drinks. Shops are on about 5 min walk.

Sveti Nikola Beach

Video of Beach Sveti Nikola:

Playing Water Polo at Sveti Nikola Beach:

Location Map of Beach Sveti Nikola:

Sveti Nikola Beach Korcula
Location coordinates: 42.961093, 17.133124

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