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Above photo: Planjak Beach with views

Planjak (pronounced Planyak) is a small island in the Archipelago, located right across the sea from the south-eastern shores of Badija.

The islands feature three pebble beaches – two smaller ones on the southern side and a larger one on the Westside. There are also some nice and large areas of smooth rock slabs very good for snorkeling and sunbathing. The beaches on the southern coast of the island offer uninterrupted views over the Archipelago.

The most obvious beach is the one on the western shores, easily spotted when approaching the Island from Korcula Old Town. A more interesting one is on the eastern part of the island, facing Vrnik and Stupe (above photo). This unusual beach is somehow hidden from the eye as it is carved in the large rocks. As this part of Planjak is open to southern wind Siloko / Jugo, large and small stones are eroded by the force of strong winds so pebbles here are white and clean, perfectly shaped. The bottom of the sea here is also interesting as there are a lot of giant pebbles scattered around the deep green sea.

The waters around the island are very very clean, transparent, and have beautiful colours making the whole island into a nice snorkelling and swimming place.

Facing East, the island is sunny all day long from the early morning. To avoid strong sunshine and heat, take a parasol or beach shelter if you intend to stay for longer here. Nevertheless, you can always find a shade on the opposite side of the sun or among patches of pine trees and other bushes.

Planjak is pretty sheltered from Maestral and Bura (west side) while the south-east side is opened to a Siloko/Jugo as well as to Bura and Gregal winds. (see Windrose of Korcula).

The island is very popular among locals for weekend day trips and picnics, so you have to get there early to get this little swimming spot all for yourself.

Location of Planjak:

Location coordinates: 42.943129, 17.171111

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