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Brna – Korcula

Brna, Korcula island

Brna is a large bay situated on the southern shores of Korcula Island, close to the Smokvica village as well as Prizba and Priscapac. It used to be a non urbanized bay with the only couple of small houses used by local fishermen, where people from Smokvica would go to overnight before long fishing days.

It developed in the 19th century when, during Austro Hungarian Empire, when the pier was built to be used as a port for the village of Smokvica for export of local wine. Since the early 1970’s Brna become a place where people from Smokvica started to build their summer houses close to the sea. That’s how Brna slowly become a village of its own, with rows of detached houses that have flats and apartments for rental to tourists and visitors. Around the same time, Hotel Feral was also built, so Brna became a “proper” tourist place too.

As Brna is a very deep bay, it is popular with sailors as their overnight anchorage spot, as it is well sheltered from dangerous winds. At the shallow part of the bay, there is a small pebble beach called “Zal”, next to which are a couple of large and old pine trees with huge branches that provide a comfortable shade on the hot summer’s day.

The village has two main jetties: the larger one called “Veli Most” and a smaller one called “Mali Most” (meaning Large and Small Jetty). These jetties are used for mooring of larger vessels while smaller boats moored all around the bay. The local sailing club is in the near vicinity.


There are few cafes and restaurants in Brna that serve fresh food and local wine. Brna is in the near vicinity of Istruga Bay, where popular sandy beach with healing properties is located.

Video of Brna:

Accommodation in Brna:

Brna has various private accommodation places that offer rooms and apartments for holiday let. However, in my opinion, Brna’s best accommodation option is Aminess Lume Hotel – located on beautiful spot with excellent facilities and reasonable prices – Check Amines Lume Hotel, Brna page for availability

Brna Hotels

Aminess Lume Hotel Prices from 43 Euro – Number of rooms: 84 – Check Amines Lume Hotel, Brna availability

Apartments Boris Offering panoramic views from the private balconies. Prices from 48 Euro – Number of rooms: 3 – Check Apartments Boris, Smokvica availability

Bleus Apartments – Features air-conditioned apartments with free Wi-Fi and satellite TV. Prices from 36 Euro – Number of rooms: 4 – Check Bleus Apartments, Smokvica availability

Photos of the bay:

Arrival in Brna:

It takes about 1/2 hr drive from Korcula Old Town to Brna. There is also a regular bus service from/ to Korcula and Vela Luka that passes through Smokvica, which is the nearest spot to reach Brna (4 km away). Infrequent bus service from Smokvica to Brna runs too but I am not sure about the schedule >>see bus schedule below:


GPS location coordinates: 42.906179, 16.861080

Bus schedule :

From Korcula town to Smokvica: weekdays 04.10; 06.40; 10.15; 14.10; 15.00; 18.30
Saturdays 04.10; 06.40; 10.15; 15.00; 18.30
Sundays 06.30; 07.45; 15.00; 18.30

Bus departures from Vela Luka to Smokvica: weekdays 05.15; 06.30; 10.00; 13.35; 16.00; 18.00
Saturdays 05.15; 06.30; 13.35; 16.00; 18.00
Sundays 05.15; 13.30; 16.00; 18.00

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