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Zitna is a hidden little bay on the south side of Korcula Island bordered by Mediterranean flora and large pine trees. It is located very close to the bay of Zavalatica – on its eastern side and village of Cara. Zitna is connected by narrow and asphalted roads to both of these places, and it is actually within the walking distance from them as it is just about 3 km from Cara ( 1/2 hrs walk) and just around the corner from Zavalatica.

The bay has its own pebble beach, covered with white and shiny pebbles that get very warm in the summer, so it is extremely pleasurable to lay on it after a good swim…

As Zitna is an unpopulated bay having just one house built there, it used to be undiscovered by tourists and was a place to go and have a quiet swim and long soak in its amazing azure waters. Recently it becomes very popular as a day trip destination for tourists and locals alike and it can get quite crowded in the summer months.

Accommodation in Zitna:

The best thing about Zitna is the colour of the seawater in the bay itself. It is a blue-and-green mixture of reflecting sunlight enhanced by the clarity of the clean water. The colour of the sea is a result (as in any other bay ) of the type of seafloor that is beneath it. Zitna seafloor is mostly sandy so those large sandy patches ( locally called ‘Bjankura’ – the word coming from an Italian word for white = bianca) make the colours of the bay so unique ( see those patches on the top photo)

Video of Zitna bay:

Zitna is reasonably hidden from the open sea, so one can not see here the effect of wild waves as in Zavalatica, but as a combination of both things, you can experience the feeling of calm and wild at a very short distance from each other.

Zitna is a good place to snorkel. Don’t forget your snorkelling gear when visiting this bay – it has an abundance of sea-life and snorkeling here is really rewarding!

There are no restaurants or cafes in the bay, so bring your own refreshments or be prepared to walk to Zavalatica (10 min walk) to get some.

Photos of Zitna


There is a daily bus service from Korcula to Cara ( 3 km from Zitna ) that runs about 6 times a day. Once in Cara, you can walk to Zitna in about 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can rent a scooter for a day trip to Zitna. For more adventurous, a bicycle can do too

Korcula – Cara daily bus departures:

weekdays 04.10; 06.40; 10.15; 14.10; 15.00; 18.30

Saturdays 04.10; 06.40; 10.15; 15.00; 18.30

Sundays 06.30; 07.45; 15.00; 18.30

Cara – Korcula daily bus departures:

weekdays 05.15; 06.30; 10.00; 13.35; 16.00; 18.00

Saturdays 05.15; 06.30; 13.35; 16.00; 18.00

Sundays 05.15; 13.30; 16.00; 18.00

Location Map of Zitna:

Zitna Korcula island
Location GPS coordinates: 42.915756, 16.939884