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Ispod Duvana Beach


Ispod Duvana Beach in Sveti Nikola is a nice and handy little beach in the heart of the Town offering undisturbed views over to Old Town skyline, which is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque views on the Island.

The beach is a sunny stretch of shingle/pebbles suitable for children and families. Convenient location for local residents of Sv Nikola and Cvjetno Naselje.

Although situated near the Town centre, the waters on this beach are clean and transparent with some nice shades of green and turquoise.

The beach is great to go for a quick swim after hot sightseeing day or to spend morning while waiting for a ferry as you can keep your eye on passing by traffic in the Channel in front of you.

A convenient addition to the beach is comfortable benches along this popular promenade where one can sit in the shade of palm trees.


There are a couple of restaurant/pizzeria and cafes nearby with free wifi, while supermarkets are on up to 8 min walking distance, so food and refreshments are not too far from here.

Facing East, the beach is sunny from early morning until mid to late afternoon (depending on season) when the sun turns on to another side, providing some welcoming shade. Throughout the day some shade is provided by nearby tall palm trees.

Due to its location in the open and unsheltered bay, the beach can be pretty windy when Bura wind is blowing. Nevertheless, it is fairly sheltered from Maestral (see the windrose).

  • The main access to the beach is by 10 or 12 stone steps descending down to the seashore.
  • The beach has no wheelchair nor pushchair access. Most of the people park their pushchairs right under the nearby palm tree.
  • Nearest public transport (bus, taxi, water taxi) is on about 10 minutes walk.
  • Nearest pizza/cafe is Sv Nikola (just there)



Location of Ispod Duvana Beach:

Location coordinates: 42.961520, 17.131660


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