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Bisace (pronounced “bisache”) – small islet in Korcula archipelago. It is an uninhabited island with an area is 0,5 km and a length of the coastline of just under 1.07 km. A lovely place for a solitary swim. This islet got its name after ‘bisage’ which in Croatian means ‘horse saddle bag’ or horse panniers as the islet from above looks like it (see here). There is hardly any natural shade on the islet, so don’t forget a hat. On the southern tip of the islet, there are numerous seagull nests full of seagull baby chicks. Make sure to stay away from this area as seagull parents are not keen to allow humans near the nests. If you force your way to the area they will fly very low, close to your head with the intention to attack while producing strong and angry noise to make sure you go back. This is their habitat and they protect it.

A small motorboat anchored close to Bisace coast

The western coast of Bisace

The western coast of Bisace

Location Map of Beach Bisace:

Location coordinates: 42.936306, 17.204611


Seagulls @ Bisace Island