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Pupnatska Luka

Pupnatska Luka

A beautiful pebble beach with clear water in the bay of Pupnatska Luka situated some 15 km away from Korcula Town. This is one of many picturesque beaches on the Island offering spectacular views across the channel to Lastovo and beyond. It is a small, easily-accessible beach on the south coast, with clear …

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Korcula Archipelago Riviera Cruise Tour

Korcula Archipelago Riviera Cruise Tour

In this archipelago riviera cruise, you will start from Korcula Old Town and visit Badija island and its Monastery, Vrnik and Majsan island as well as Lumbarda, a small village on the eastern side of Korcula island. You will slowly cruise around this archipelago, that consists of about 20 small islets and …

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Puntin Beach – Korcula

Puntin Beach - Korcula

Above photo: Afternoon at Puntin in Korcula Old Town Puntin Beach is located in on the northern edge of Korcula Old Town and it Port,  popular with local windsurfers and people living nearby. The beach consists of a stretch of shingle/pebbles, row of large rocks, large stone slab/ platform great for sunbathing and sunset watching. The waters …

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Korcula Beaches

Korcula Beaches

Korcula has a lot of small and secluded beaches all over the island, but the ‘best’ or let’s say most popular ones, are sandy beach Vela Przina in Lumbarda and pebble beach Pupnatska Luka. Although these are very popular beaches, there are a lot of hidden and secluded swimming spots in …

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VRNIK – a tiny inhabited island in the Korcula archipelago, easily reached by taxi-boats from Korcula East harbour and from Lumbarda (timetables are here) It is well known for its deep stone quarries dating back from Roman times. Vrnik is worth to go and visit during the day as it has a …

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Sutvara – a small islet in Korcula archipelago, an uninhabited island with area is 0,98 km² and length of coastline of just under 1.3 km.  Some local families from Lumbarda own wine groves on Sutvara so the islet is interesting to visit for walk around and to see lovely wine trees and some …

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Proizd Island and its beaches Photos of Proizd Island: Approaching the island Proizd pier with restaurant Visitors map of Proizd Lovely swimming spots on the island Location Map of Proizd Beaches: Location coordinates: 42.984347, 16.616798 More info: Getting to Proizd – see info and timetables for local ferries Proizd in Vela …

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Map of Korcula Beaches

An interactive map of Korcula Island beaches Explore and locate many beaches on the Island of Korcula, including the most popular Vela Przina, Pupnatska Luka and Proizd. To help you to plan your trip to Korcula I created map below – an interactive map showing Korcula island with a selection …

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Vrbovica – Korcula

Vrbovica - Korcula

Vrbovica is a large bay situated along the road from Korcula town to Racisce, on the northern shore of the Island. It used to be a non urbanized bay with some stone masons quarries owned by couple of Zrnovo families. Nowadays it is a place where young families from the village moved in to built their homes …

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Beach Bar Mate – Pupnatska luka

Beach Bar Mate - Pupnatska luka

Above photo: views from the picturesque terrace of Beach Bar Mate over Pupnatska Luka bay and beach – The beach bar in Pupnatska Luka is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy a light lunch or cold drink in the most popular bay and beach on Korcula island. Situated at the hilly position above the bay, in the very heart …

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