Snorkeling – Korcula Island


Above photo: Snorkelling at Raznjic, near Lumbarda, Korcula island

Snorkeling in clear turquoise waters of Korcula island’s sea coast is a great way to see underwater wildlife so this kind of activity is very popular and widespread among locals and visitors alike.

Korcula waters has variety of marine life: fish, cuttlefish, octopuses, crabs, sea urchins, starfish .. all of them can be seen using your mask, snorkel and fins.

Around the Island’s rocky coastline you’ll see different species of weed and sea grass, a variety of fish, crabs, urchins and the rest of this colorful and fascinating world that hides just beneath the sea surface.

The visibility of the waters around the island often get up to 20 m in the summer months so by just floating face-down on the surface of the water (no deep dive) you can get into the underwater scenery directly from the beach (no boat needed)

If you are beginner snorkeler, I would recommend you to stay near the sea shore, to avoid passing by sea traffic. However, if you decide to snorkel further away from the shore, make sure you have a surface marker buoy to keep you visible to boats passing nearer to the shore.

Snorkeling around Korcula can truly be a fun and relaxing way to spend early morning or afternoon in this silent and completely different world.

I do it almost every day (June to September, weather permitted).

Snorkeling Korcula

Best snorkeling spots around Korcula Island:

The best areas to head to for some snorkeling on the Island are the bays on South coast of the island (Defora) ,  Raznjic  and the bays near Racisce on the North side. Here is a list of my favourite locations:

  • Korcula Archipelago Skoji – numerous shallow and bit deeper bays in the whole Archipelago that offer great snorkelling experience
  • Raznjic – to see octopuses, crabs, sea urchins, starfish and more at this remote island’s location
  • Lenga – rocks around Lenga are very near the surface of the water, making them superb for snorkelling
  • Mandrac – the nearest good snorkelling spot to Korcula Town – variety of fish species can be seen if you snorkel before high tourist season. (As this is very close to where I live, I snorkel here every day)
  • Pavja Luka – a calm bay to snorkel or dive all year round, very good visibility
  • Orlandusa – remote and solitary bay with very clean waters, good visibility
  • Zitna bay – lovely colours of water and rich underwater life convenient to snorkel.

My Snorkeling equipment:


This is snorkeling equipment that I have: diving mask, snorkel, fins. It is just basic snorkelling stuff I recently bought from Amazon. Unfortunately I still do not own any underwater camera so no underwater photos yet (I hope to get some for next summer)

If you have any additional questions about snorkeling on the island, ask at the snorkeling forum topic

Happy snorkelling  🙂