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Soline – Underwater Archaeological Site

Underwater Archaeological Site of Neolithic settlement @ Soline, situated between Korcula Old Town and Lumbarda at Korcula island

An underwater Archaeological Site of the Neolithic settlement has been found at Soline, a small bay located between Korcula Old Town and Lumbarda at Korcula Island. In the above photo, which is a screenshot of this video, you can see underwater archeologists examining the site. Some of the found objects are now exhibited in the newly renovated Town Museum.

You can also have a look at this site – all you need is your snorkeling equipment (mask and flippers) and you can snorkel around the site. Of course, you are not allowed to touch anything. The settlement’s walls are about 4 meters below the sea surface. Here is a video:


Video from May 2024:

Video from May 2023:

From Sky News:



Scuba diver archaeologists working on site
Scuba diver archaeologists working on the site

Listen to the presentation (Croatian language):

Update May 2024

Scuba diver archaeologists working on-site in May 2024 (see above video)

Update May 2023

Archaeologists uncover 7,000-year-old stone road buried under the sea, Korcula -Croatia

The ancient road made by early humans was uncovered at the bottom of the sea. Deposits of sea mud had been hiding a road that had connected the sunken, prehistoric settlement with the coast of Korcula island. The stone plates, which were part of the four-meter-wide platform, are carefully stacked while radiocarbon dating of preserved wood near the site was used to estimate that the entire settlement may have been built around 4,900 BC. The road, which is now nearly 5m below water level, was part of an active site during its heyday.

They uncovered some artifacts as well as the road which can be linked back to the Neolithic Era, nearly 7,000 years ago.

Below the deposits of sea mud was discovered a road that connected the sunken prehistoric settlement of ancient culture with the coast of Soline, Korcula island.