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Peljesac: Bridge over troubled water

peljesac bridge veliki and mali skoj, klek, neum croatia, bosnia

Click to see Large Map and Satelite Photo of Veli and Mali Skolj, Klek, Neum Channel and surrounding area where Peljesac Bridge is to be built

According to Croatian and Bosnian media, there are more trouble emerging around Peljesac Bridge.

The latest statement from Bosnian government official is clearly suggesting their concern with several points regarding Bosnian and Croatian relations:

1/ The status of Croatian port of Ploce,
2/ Sea borders between Bosnia and Croatia and the ownership of Veliki and Mali Skoj – two small islets in Neum Channel,
3/ Peljesac Bridge (Most Komarna – Peljesac)

Another statement by Bosnian official suggests unless the final agreement is obtained, there is a probability of international arbitrage.

Prime Minister Ivo Sanader commented the meeting of the Bosnian and Croatian leadership held last weekend in Zagreb:

Croatia is going to offer Bosnia a status of the most privileged state as far as Port of Ploce is concerned , since Bosnian companies are the best clients of that Croatian port, Sanader said, and added that such status was common in the international relations, mentioning the example the German port of Hamburg, which gave the same status to certain countries.

As far as Peljesac Bridge is concerned, Sanader confirmed that Croatia will connect Croatian territories and break traffic isolation of Croatian South and therefore make sure Peljesac Bridge will be built.

Croatia will also make sure The Bridge will not obstruct traffic to Bosnian port of Neum.

As far as ownership of Veliki and Mali Skoj Islets are concerned, Sander confirmed there was an earlier agreement between Franjo Tu man and Alija Izetbegovic which was, however, never ratified.

“Due to newly emerged evidence that proves Veliki and Mali Skoj Islets are indeed Croatian territories, there is a need for further negotiations between relevant bodies.” says Sanader.

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