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Peljesac Bridge

Views over Peljesac Bridge from Komarna (Northside) January 2022
Views over Peljesac Bridge from Komarna (Northside) towards Brijesta, January 2022

Peljesac bridge is expected to open in July 2022 with all access roads to be finished by the mid-summer of 2022. The bridge will connect Komarna on the Croatian mainland with Brijesta on the Peljesac peninsula. At the present, the project stays on schedule, and currently, construction works on the bridge are in full swing. (Updated May 2022)

The Basic Facts

  • The length of the bridge: 2404 meters (2.4 km)
  • the width of the bridge: 21.5 meters – 4 traffic lanes
  • the width of mid passage: 568 meters
  • the height of the bridge: 55 meters
  • cost: 2.08 billion HRK (300 million Euro)
  • expected to open in June 2022
Peljesac bridge (3d visualisation 2020)
Peljesac bridge (3d visualisation 2020)
Peljesac bridge 3d visualisation 2015
Peljesac bridge (3d visualisation 2015)

Construction Phases

The bridge and its access roads are to be constructed in three phases. Here are the stages involved in the construction of a bridge and access roads:

  • The first stage/ phase of works is the Peljesac bridge itself with a completion date planned for late 2021
  • The second stage/ phase is the construction of the access road, the section Duboka – Sparagovici (Zaradeze). The completion date is planned for June 2022
  • The third and fourth stage/ phase is the construction of a section of Ston bypass and subsection Sparagovici (Zaradeze) to Prapratno that also includes a smaller bridge near Ston at Peljesac. The completion date is planned for June 2022

Map of Peljesac Bridge

See it on a large map + see other Peljesac bridge Maps


A group of friends crossing the bridge – video (May 2022):

Here is the whole video playlist including 3D visualization of the Peljesac Bridge incorporated into aerial TV footage:

Peljesac Bridge Progress – Construction Updates (chronology – descending):

Work in progress (March 2021)
Work in progress (March 2021)
Peljesac Bridge - Work in progress, February 2021
Work in progress, February 2021
  • January 2022 – All works on the bridge are expected to be completer by the end of the month
  • October – December 2021 – The beginning of asphalting: the first layers of asphalt were laid on the bridge, bottom layers are applied to the concrete base of the bridge
  • July 2021 – Peljesac Bridge was joined together
  • February 2021 – As announced by Hrvatske Ceste, the Peljesac bridge is connected to the mainland. The first pillar in the sea and the one on land in Komarna are connected by a 52 meters long steel span structure. From now on, the Peljesac bridge can be walked for the first fifty meters. The first passengers and vehicles could cross at the beginning of next year (2022) while the complete project of the bridge with access roads, viaducts, and tunnels is planned to be completed by the summer of 2022.
  • October 2020 – The plans are changed, as a temporary solution in order to enable the construction of the Brijesta junction immediately after the completion of the bridge itself, to put into operation a bridge with a connection to the existing Peljesac road before the completion of access roads.

More info: edubrovnik.org