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Peljesac Bridge Map and Facts

I was going through some old press cuttings, looking for something completely unrelated, and found some old articles from the local press with a lot of info about the future Peljesac Bridge. So, below is a compilation of some facts and figures about this project:

views over the bridge
Photo: Views over the bridge

A bridge between the Croatian Mainland and Peljesac is going to be built from Komarna to Roscica Glavica (Brijesta) on Peljesac Peninsula. (see the below map)

  • The total length of the bridge is 2374 m ( about 1.5 miles).
  • Bridge has 13 pillars
  • Each pillar is higher than 100 meters.
  • The distance between each pillar is 170 meters.
  • The height in the middle of the bridge is 35 meters.
  • The estimated cost of the whole project is 250-300 million Euros.
  • 70% of the total cost of building is incurred by under the sea work.
  • The opening of the bridge is planned for Summer 2009. Update: Planned for Summer 2022


Here is a current (2021) map of the bridge, made by the regional planning department – click on the image to enlarge:

Map of the bridge with access roads
Map of the bridge with access roads (click on image to enlarge)

This detailed map of the bridge and all roads around it is available on this link On below map you can see the location of the future bridge (map from 2005) :


Here is another map that I created on Google maps

More details about Peljesac Bridge

6 Responses to “Peljesac Bridge Map and Facts”

  • Maarten

    Yes, it is it going to be part of the Split – Dubrovnik highway (A1) which is currently under construction?

  • Srbin

    Svaka cast.

  • Roger

    New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island in Canada has a two-lane bridge called the “Confederation Bridge.”

  • Roger

    Yes, it can get windy on the bridge. However, the bridge does get closed if the winds are extreme. So far, no one has been injured or killed because of the winds.

  • simon suda

    Hi ,
    Is it possible to cycle across the bridge ?


  • edita

    hi simon, unfortunately, it is not allowed to cycle accross the bridge.

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