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There are two ferries that can be taken to reach Korcula from Dubrovnik:

Jadrolinija ferry from Dubrovnik to KorculaJadrolinija ferry from Dubrovnik to Korcula:

This ferry journey is part of the coastal ferry journey from Dubrovnik to Rijeka. It used to sail all year round but was recently suspended from October to May. The situation at the present is that during the summer season the ferry from Dubrovnik to Korcula will sail from Dubrovnik at 10am on Thursdays and Sundays, arriving in Korcula town at 1.30pm. The ferry then proceeds further to Hvar Island (Stari Grad), Split and Rijeka. It makes a stop at Sobra on Mljet Island before arriving in Korcula Town. The journey takes 3.5 hours. Tickets are priced at 92 Kuna per person for foot passengers. Detailed pricing and on-line booking is available at the Jadrolinija website. Here is current timetable for this ferry.

Catamaran ferry “Nona Ana”Catamaran ferry “Nona Ana” from Dubrovnik to Korcula:

The catamaran ferry Nona Ana connects Dubrovnik with Korcula Town four times a week during July and August only. This ferry do not sail to Korcula for the rest of the year. The vessel, Nona Ana, leaves Dubrovnik every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 08:00 or 09:15, arriving in Korcula town at 10:45 or 11:50. On its way it stops in Sobra and Polace on Mljet Island. The journey takes 2.5 hours and the price of a ticket is 55 kuna. Check catamaran ferry Dubrovnik to Korcula timetable

About ferry journeys:

Both ferry journeys are pleasant, although they have their advantages and disadvantages:

The ferry Nona Ana is designed so it can ‘hover’ over water which greatly reduces fluid resistance and makes the catamaran much faster. The sailing with Jadrolinija’s ferry is slower, but somehow nicer, as you can sit or walk outside on the deck. This is not possible with Nona Ana. The crew on Jadrolinija’s ferry also offer drinks and food onboard.

In case of bad weather you are better off on the larger, steadier and more consistent Jadrolinija ferry. The catamaran Nona Ana is forced to slow down as can no longer ‘hover’. The fact that a catamaran is much lighter than a monohull ship makes it much more likely it will be tossed about in bad weather; it is also forced to ride over waves where a monohull can simply plough through. This rocking and rolling can cause sea sickness. In extreme weather the catamaran cannot sail at all and will be cancelled, especially during a strong southern wind (Jugo wind). However, bad weather is very rare in summer months.

Note: If none of ferries timetables fits in your itinerary, your other option to reach Korcula from Dubrovnik is to travel by bus.

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Map of Catamaran ferry from Dubrovnik to Korcula:

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