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Food in Korcula Island

Food in Korcula- an authentic cuisine from Korcula Island

grilled-fish-pecena-riba1The traditional food in Korcula island that you’ll find on most home menus is grilled fresh fish, stewed meat, homemade pasta and nice pizzas. For special occasions locals like to eat shellfish (oyster and mussels) from Ston or shrimps and lobster if they are lucky to be able to afford them.

When locals go for day trip to Skoji (Korcula Archipelago) they like to eat : sea urchins and limpets (a small sea animal that has a shell and sticks tightly to rocks).

Goat grilled meat and goat cheese is also local speciality widely available in restaurants, shops and on open-air food markets.
Cakes – paradizet (Floating island), cukarini, klasuni, amarete, lumblije, sirnice, krempite, krafne,

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