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Rotonda – Korcula


Rotonda is fresh fruit and vegetable market in Korcula Town. It is located next to Plokata and Rampadain the very centre of the Town. This is the place where local farmers as well as those from Neretva River region comes to sell their fruit and veg to tourists and locals.

Rotonda looks like little walled round plateau(hence the name). It is elevated for few steps from the main street. You can’t miss Rotonda-just follow any local women going with her shopping bag to shop. She will eventually come to Rotonda, no doubt.

Tip 1: To get the best local food you have to get up very early (about 7 am). But don’t despair if you can’t – most of people don’t anyway. Food bought later in the day is also very good.I personally never get up so early, but still get good and fresh food there 🙂

Tip 2: Be careful when buying food at Rotonda, as sometimes, some of these people selling food try to take advantage of tourists charging them higher prices. You have been warned!

Photos of Rotonda