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Visiting U Maje i Tonke – one of the most popular restaurants in Korcula

Vegetarian-friendly local konoba /restaurant “U Majei Tonke”
is one of the most popular (andone of my favorite)restaurants in Korcula which serves local and homemade produced food only. This can be described as a “Dalmatian tapas” place which among the other house specialties offers fresh, daily baked bread, roasted vegetables, goat cheese, olives, fish spreads, aubergine rolls, smoked ham, marinated anchovies, marinated zucchini, hummus, basil-cake.. as well as selection of best local wines.



The restaurant is located on the one of the side squares in Korcula Old Town overlooking the west pier. It is open from June to September.


Here is recent two part video taken in the restaurant which presents Maja and Tonka, the owners of the restaurant. The conversation in the video is not translated but I am sure you will enjoy it even you don’ understand every single word – have a look:

Conversation with Maja:

Conversation with Tonka:

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