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Semi Submarine in Korcula

This is a truly unique underwater experience you can get if you are visiting Korcula island: A 30 or 45 minutes ride by semi-submarine around the waters of Korcula Old Town!

Designed similar to a small boat, with the passenger area just a couple of inches under the sea level, the semi-submarineoffers an unexpected fun ride where you can observe the underwater world from the safetyof your comfortablecabin seat.

The passenger area is fitted with large windows withthe viewsdirectly under the water which are enabling the passengers to observe the marine environment that is passed by during the trip.
This safe and fun day or night trip is great for children and families and is one of the best attractions around Korcula.

Above photo: Approach to the Old Town

Daytime departures:

  • 09:00
  • 10:00
  • 11:00
  • 12:00
  • 13:00
  • 14:00
  • 15:00
  • 16:00
  • 17:00
  • 18:00
  • 19:00
  • 20:00 – sunset cruise

Daytime trip duration: 45 minutes

Night time Departures:

  • 21:00
  • 21:35
  • 22:10
  • 22:40

Night time trip duration: 30 minutes


  • 80 HRK per person (11 Euro / 12 US$)
  • family ticket: buy 3 tickets and get an additional one free
  • group discounts(on request)
  • max 12 persons per ride

Info and advance booking:

call now: +385 99 3675 105 or +385 98 931 676


Although it is called a semi-submarine, the vessel doesnt really dive deep underwater

Watching the underwater world -The best time to take a ride is in sunrise or sunset when fish and other underwater organisms are the most active.

Comfortable seating for up to 12 persons

Semi Submarine in Korcula – see the short video :

Map of Semi Submarine pick up point:

Semi Submarine Pick up place - Map

GPS location coordinates: 42.959692, 17.135569