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Day Trip to Lastovo from Korcula Island

If you are visiting Korcula Island, a day trip to Lastovo is a very good idea. An island is a great place for nature and outdoor lovers. It offers numerous secluded bays where you can swim, sunbathe and snorkel, observe the underwater world and nature. You can also do some hiking or cycling along several Island trails. Lastovo is one of the remotest islands in Croatia and one of our neighboring islands too. The island is easily accessible from here as the main ferry connections to the Lastovo all go via Korcula.

Trip to Lastovo, Skrivena Luka bay

From Vela Luka to Lastovo:

If you are staying near Vela Luka from June to September a Jadrolinija car ferry goes to Lastovo every day. There are several daily departures but for a successful day tip my suggestion is to get on 9:00 departure from Vela Luka which arrives in Lastovo, Ubli village at 10:45. There are also later ferries, but I think the morning one is the best as it gives you all day to enjoy there.
If you prefer to go there just for an afternoon, there is another ferry that departs Vela Luka at 13:45 arrive in Lastovo at 15:30 returns at 19:00, arriving in Vela Luka at 20:45.
Both options are good but in my opinion, a morning departure is just fantastic for a perfect day trip there.

From Korcula Town to Lastovo:

If you are staying near Korcula town or in Lumbarda or Zrnovo, use the same ferry connections as described above. To reach Vela Luka take a taxi or local bus.

It is worth to mention that in July & August there are fast ferries couple of times a week to Lastovo from Korcula Town. However, timing is so tight that gives you only a couple of hours there so it can be annoying. However, you can do an ‘open jaw’ journey whereby you take this ferry to Lastovo and return by one to Vela Luka at 19:00 and bus or taxi ride back to Korcula town.

That’s also very nice trip, I did it at least several times. It is especially suitable for people who don’t like to get up early in the morning (I used to be the one but not anymore; now I really enjoy mornings!)

So for this one you go on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 10:45 from Korcula Old Town, arriving in Ubli (Lastovo) at 11:55 (timetable). Spend all day there and instead of using the same ferry to return at 14:40 (arrival Korcula Town at 15:50), get one back  to Vela Luka at 19:00 (timetable)

In other parts of the year, out of the main tourist season, you would have to overnight on Lastovo as none of the ferries is convenient for a day trip.

by ferry to Lastovo from Korcula island

Map of Day Trip to Lastovo from Korcula Island

Choose on the map either Vela Luka or Korcula Town as a departure point:

What to do on Lastovo

Some of the best views/vistas are from the road above these bays - lastovo day trip

As soon as you arrive on the Island, the best option is to go sightseeing while sunbath and beach leave for the afternoon.

If you want to see the whole island, take a local taxi for an Island Tour and visit the main island’s village also called Lastovo as well as Pasadur, Zaklopatica and Skrivena Luka bays.

Don’t rely on local buses as they are pretty infrequent.

Some of the best views/vistas are from the road above these bays. Lastovo archipelago consists of 46 islets, the area protected as Nature Park. From your taxi, you will see the majority of these islets (see photos above and below)

In the afternoon, after lunch in one of the local cafes/ tapas / konoba /restaurants, choose one of the small bays on the island for some swimming or snorkelling. Sea kayaking is also available.

For cycling or hiking, make sure it is not a very warm day as temperatures can rise pretty high so it is much better to stay near the water to cool yourself down.

There are several cycling and hiking trails across the island you can try (take a map in the local tourist office) most of them leading through vineyards and hills above the bays.

In my opinion, cycling and hiking should be left for June or September as July and August are very warm months here. Also, make sure you take your sunglasses, a hat, plenty of water and sunblock at any time of the year.

panorama of Lastovo village

Book in advance, self-drive, private speedboat tours

Yes, it is a good idea to book your tickets in advance especially if you know the details of your itinerary and are arriving here in July and August. You can book your bus ticket here, and your ferry tickets here. For a fast ferry from Korcula Town, you have to book on the spot, once you arrive.

Hiring a car and self-drive to Lastovo is also an option and I can recommend it if you prefer to have a car with you for the whole day on the Island. However, if you count the cost of a car ferry ticket (see prices here) and car hire for a day it seems taking a taxi for touring the Lastovo island is a cheaper option. Anyway, do your maths and decide for yourself.

Private speedboat tours – You can indeed choose an alternative like private speedboat tours from Korcula island to Lastovo, but I would not recommend you that.
These tours depend on how good is the weather so they are not really reliable in terms that you can be absolutely sure you can do the day trip. Also, if the weather suddenly changes and the wind is strong you can get stuck somewhere because your tiny speedboat cannot cope. And they can be pretty pricey! So to avoid disappointments, stick with the public above-mentioned ferries, taxis and buses. They do operate in all weather conditions and are very safe.

Additional info: See additional info about Lastovo Island on a tz-lastovo.hr website, pp-lastovo.hr for Nature Park details and croatiaferries.com site for ferry schedules.

Also, have a look at this relaxing video of Lastovo Island: