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All Saints Church (Crkva Svih Svetih)

Altar at All Saints Church (Crkva Svih Svetih)

All Saints Church (Crkva Svih Svetih), located in Ulica Kaporova, is built at the beginning of the 15th century, later restored on several occasions. It has the coffered ceiling painted by Tripo Kokolja around 1713. The polyptych of Our Lady by Blaz Jurjev Trogiranin (1438-1439) is a truly amazing piece of art by the famous 15th-century Dalmatian author.

The ciborium from 15th century below which is the carved Baroque Pieta is work by Austrian sculptor George Raphael Donner from the 18th century. The church is connected with a hall which houses the Museum of Icons and a procession crucifix by Ivan Progonovic from the 15th century.

coffered ceiling painted by Tripo Kokolja around 1713

The Church of All Saints existed in the 13th century in the southeast part of the city, next to the city walls; it received its current Baroque appearance in the 18th century after various renovations. On its facade, there is a tall, modestly shaped bell tower from 1749. The single nave square interior of the Church has a triangular stone ciborium leaning on columns, completed at the beginning of the 16th century, similar to that found in the Cathedral.

Behind the ciborium is a large wooden Baroque statue of the Grieving Mother of God (Pieta) from the end of the 18th century, the work of Austrian artist Rafael Donner. On the wall on the right side is a polyptych painted in 1438-9 by the most respected Dalmatian artist at the time, Blaz Trogiranin.

Next, to the figure of the Grieving Mother of God, there are also images of small brothers in adoration; in the corners, there are pictures of the saints that this brotherhood respected greatly. To the left of the main altar is a large, engraved, and painted Byzantine crucifix from the 15th century.

Stone Bridge from 14th century at the Church Svih Svetih, Korcula

Photo: Stone Bridge from the 14th century at the Church Svih Svetih, Korcula

The Church ceiling is covered by engraved boxes with a series of paintings completed at the end of the 17th century by Tripo Kokolja from Kotor, Boka Kotorska. These paintings include the mystery of the Rosary, the Old Testament prophets, the evangelists and the church pupils.

Tower of Church Svih Svetih
Photo: Tower of Church Svih Svetih – detail

The same artist was responsible for the painting of the Apostles on the railing of the choir. In the middle of the 19th century, both works of art were restored by an unskilled amateur local artist who significantly decreased their value.

On the railing of the pulpit is a painting of The Conversion of St. Paul, the work of an unknown artist from Naples in the 18th century. The two side altars, St. Anthony (1744) and St. Joseph (1820) are decorated with paintings of no artistic value.( source www.htz.hr)

Map of Location of Church Svih Svetih

All Saints Church map

Location Map of All Saints Church (Crkva Svih Svetih):

GPS Location coordinates: 42.960892, 17.136619

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Bratovstina Svih Svetih in 1966
Bratovstina Svih Svetih in 1966

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