Church of Our Lady (Crkva Gospojina)

Church of Our Lady, locally known as Crkva Gospojina, is located just opposite of St Marks Cathedral in Korcula Old Town.

Gospojina was built in 1483 celebrating the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary with original use as a chapel belonging to local noble families Gabrielis and Ismaelis.

An altar was made back in the 18th century while mosaics behind the altar has been laid by a contemporary Dutch artist Louis Schrikkela in early 1960’s.

The church is currently being used as a fine art gallery displaying the arts by local artists.

There is a flag column/pillar on the square next to the Crkva Gospojina which was erected there in 1515 (more info)

Right behind the church in the nearby street, you can find Gabrielis and Ismaelis palace.

above photo: visiting Gospojina

The Renaissance work of the local builders, this chapel house the tombs of old Korcula families as well as the tomb of the defender from the Ottoman assault, the priest Rozanovic. Selection of beautifully decorated gravestones cover the floor of this small chapel (see below photos):

Location Map of Church of Our Lady (Crkva Gospojina):

Church of Our Lady (Crkva Gospojina)
GPS Location coordinates: 42.961370, 17.135946

Above photo: Portal, rose window and a front facade of the Church