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Zrnovska Banja

Views over Zrnovska Banja bay in Spring

Views over Zrnovska Banja bay in Spring

Zrnovska Banja is a large bay further along the road from Korcula Old Town towards Racisce, passing by Strecica bay and Medvinjak. It got its name after village of Zrnovo (up the hills from Zrnovska Banja) and “bathing” (in Croatian “Banja” means “Bath” so the name describe the place to enjoy bathing).

Zrnovska Banja used to be non urbanized bay where people from Zrnovo would go on weekends to spend day swimming and sunbathing. In last 40+ years (since 1970’s) Zrnovska Banja become place where people from Zrnovo started to build their summer houses close to the sea. That’s how Zrnovska Banja slowly become Korcula’s suburb with rows of detached houses that has flats and apartments for rental to tourists and visitors.

It is secluded and very closed bay, so sailors use it for overnight anchorage as it is sheltered from most of unpleasant and unpredictable winds.This bay has couple of small pebble patches used as beaches by locals and visitors too. Also, there is a large jetty called “Veli Most” where youngsters like to gather together and having fun jumping into the sea.

The bay is a good place to windsurf too, as it is just across the water from Viganj – a popular windsurfing spot.

It takes about 25 to 30 min walk to reach the bay from the very centre of Korcula town. Alternatively, regular bus service to Racisce connects Korcula Old Town with this bay – see info about buses to Zrnovska banja

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Photos of Zrnovska Banja

Map of Zrnovska Banja