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Video: Wine-making on Korcula island

Video: Wine @ 1960s

This is archive footage of some stages of vineyards, wine-making / production ofwine on Korcula island (Zrnovo & Lumbarda) in the 1960s.

It is an excerpt from TV documentary broadcast and shot in the late 1960s. The whole documentary is here: youtube.com/watch?v=F7aZTzhRPMQ

More info and photos of vineyards on Korcula islandand in Lumbarda here

Some stills from the video:

winemaking-korcula1960a winemaking-korcula1960b winemaking-korcula1960c winemaking-korcula1960d winemaking-korcula1960e winemaking-korcula1960f winemaking-korcula1960g winemaking-korcula1960h winemaking-korcula1960i winemaking-korcula1960j winemaking-korcula1960k winemaking-korcula1960l winemaking-korcula1960m winemaking-korcula1960n winemaking-korcula1960o winemaking-korcula1960p winemaking-korcula1960r winemaking-korcula1960s winemaking-korcula1960t winemaking-korcula1960u winemaking-korcula1960v winemaking-korcula1960x winemaking-korcula1960y

Location:Defora, 20260, Korcula, Croatia
Map of wine making video
42.911896, 17.109372