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Korcula Webcam

Korcula Webcam

IP webcam location: Korcula – Peljesac Channel Refresh rate: 60 secs.

Korcula Webcam is located at the terrace of Pecotic house, Korcula – have a look here webcam in situ

Web Exhibition – videos created by this camera:

Temporary Internet Files2 – web exhibition – a series of time lapse videos that display seasonal transformations of a landscape. Each video last for 45 seconds and is made of a series of 100 still photos, collected via temporary internet files folder, from this webcam. The videos act as a form of meditation and contemplation on time and the corresponding notion of duration, as well as being a personal diary. By using contemporary technological resources, the work also makes a reference to the perception of time in modern culture. (Author: Edita Pecotic ) Latest entries:+ See more of Temporary Internet Files2 – video web diary

More Videos created by this camera:

Video: Dramatic January Sunset in Korcula / Peljesac Channel

Video : Maestral wind arrival in Korcula / Peljesac Channel

Video: Rotating Sea Pattern – Korcula / Peljesac Channel

Video : Nevera Storm – Korcula / Peljesac Channel