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Walk from Zrnovo to Gornje and Donje Blato

Walk from Zrnovo to Donje Blato via Dracevica and Gornje Blato is ideal for people who are staying in Zrnovo. If you are staying near Korcula Old Town or Lumbarda you can do the whole walk from there too. If you are staying somewhere further, the best is to take a bus or taxi to Zrnovo and walk from there.

The best option for this walk is to do the circle one if possible but if you have no time to complete the whole circle then include public transport in your trip plan.

It will take about 2 hours to walk from Zrnovo to Donje Blato. In the beginning, you will walk on a fairly flat path that follows by mild descent down the hill to Gornje Blato, a flat area from where you will further descend to the main road to Lumbarda. You will cross that road and walk further downhill for another few minutes when you will reach Donje Blato.

On this walk, you will see the green slopes and a panorama of Lumbarda, Badija and Skoji archipelago as well as Sveti Ilija mountain, Peljesac and Mljet further towards the horizon. You will also pass the areas of Dracevica, Golubice and Klokolina.

Map of the Walk:

On the above map, I marked the main walk red, while purple, yellow and blue are optional detours if you have more time to walk further.

Route, Photos and Details:

The beginning?of the walk is along the tarmac?country?lane that leads along the hilltops towards the East.

The beginning of the walk is along the tarmac country lane that leads along the hilltops towards the East.

On several points along the path, you will be able to see some lovely views over the Archipelago

On several points along the path, you will be able to see some lovely views of Badija and the Archipelago.

views - Lumbarda and Mljet in distance

You will also see the Lumbarda village in the distance (above photo) as well as Mljet island on the horizon.

At one point, after about 40 minutes of walk, you will turn left, off the country lane, to the narrow path that leads downhill through the woods.

path in the woods

I was passing here on multiple occasions and sometimes, this path was wide and easily walkable while on other occasions it was overgrown and it took me much longer to pass through. My guess is that locals clear this path once a year, sometime in late winter, so if you walk here in the spring it will be clearer as opposed to if you walk here in the autumn when the vegetation has been growing for several months. Make sure you wear good shoes and trousers, avoid shorts!

olive groves along the path

After about 30 minutes you will slowly descend into the olive groves where the path becomes wider are easier to follow.

olive groves, vineyards, hills and cypress trees

This part of the route is very enjoyable – easy to follow and offers some breathtaking views over the surrounding olive groves, vineyards and hills. I usually take a break at this point (above photo) to enjoy the views, have a coffee and biscuit break. Some beautiful cypress trees are dotted along this part of the path.

vineyards of Plavac Mali, a popular red wine.

Walking further, you will reach the Gornje Blato field itself, where you will pass by vineyards of Plavac Mali, a popular red wine.

vineyard red grapes

Above photo: Red Wine vineyard@ Gornje Blato

At this point, you can choose to proceed further to Donje Blato (and towards Korcula Town – purple dots on the map) or if you have some time left, you can walk to Lumbarda (yellow dots on the map).

If you carry on walking towards Donje Blato, you will, after about 1/2 hour, eventually reach the point where this path is crossed by the main road:

donje blato

Here, you either cross the road (above photo) and continue with the walk or call a taxi to pick you up and take you home (cost: 80 kunas / 10 euro).

If you continue via Donje Blato you will walk across the field and via coastline to eventually reach Soline, from where you can also call a taxi to take you home. If you continue to Lumbarda, you can get a taxi, water taxi, or bus back home.

I hope you will enjoy this walk & if you have more info or any questions, pls let me know