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Walking from Korcula Town via Žrnovska Banja to Kocje

Walking from Korcula Town via Zrnovska Banja to Kocje:

There are several possibilities to reach Kocje by foot from Korcula Town. Below photos and map indicates the route along the sea shore that starts from Korcula Town centre and leads along Sveti Nikola street, Strecica bay, Zrnovska Banja and further uphill towards Zrnovo and finally reaches Kocje. This 7 miles round walk is recomended as half-day walk. Enjoy 🙂

Photos of walking route from Korcula Town via Zrnovska Banja to Kocje:

This part of the route leads along Sveti Nikola street and Strecica bay..


… approach to Medvinjak bay and further along the sea to Zrnovska Banja ..


.. at this pont in Zrnovska Banja, turn left along the narrow tarmac lane, uphill towards Zrnovo. This part of the route offers nice views over Zrnovska Banja..


Once you arrive in Zrnovo, near the tiny church sv. Mihovil and the large stone cross, head west towards Brdo hamlet and walk to the last house.


Follow on the right hans side along the country lane (no tarmac). This part of the walk offers fine views over Peljesac Channel and Sveti Ilija mountain, and villages Viganj and Kuciste all the way to Punta Svetoga Ivana horn, on route to Loviste..


Eventualy, you will see on the left hand side Kocje sign. At this point, turn left and follow the path which will take you to the Kocje area that has large dolomite boulders, tiny passages and tunnels, small pits, large holm oak trees and the “fairy trough” too..


More info related to this walk: About Kocje, video of Kocje. On your way back, you can either do the same route, or choose to follow path from Zrnovo to Korcula Town downhill via Lokva, Forteca and Novi Puti to finally reach Town centre..

Map of walking route from Korcula Town via Zrnovska Banja to Kocje:

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