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Walking from Kneza via Pupnat to Zrnovo

Walking from Kneze via Pupnat to Zrnovo

To complete this walk, you would need to take a bus from Korcula Town to village Kneza in the near vicinity of Racisce. There is a daily bus service from Korcula to Kneza and Racisce that runs about 6 times a day. This is a bus schedule : Korcula – Racisce daily bus departures >> 5:45, 6:45, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 19:15 + Racisce – Korcula daily bus departures >> 6:15, 7.15 , 11:30, 13:30, 15:30, 19:45. Walking from Pupnat to Zrnovo – 1 minute video of walk from Pupnat to Zrnovo, Korcula 2010

Photos of the walking route from Kneze via Pupnat to Zrnovo:


The route itself is well signed and easy to follow (see map below and signs on the above photos). Part of the route is along an asphalted narrow lane (about 5km uphill) and another part of the route is along a country lane, which was built by Napoleonic Marshal Marmont, Duke of Ragusa, back in the 19th century.


Once you arrive in Kneze, take the route uphill at the crossing with “Pupnat” sign. This part of the route is about 5km long, and it follows an uphill asphalted lane. Along the lane, towards the North, you will be able to see Peljesac Channel, Viganj, and Loviste on Peljesac Peninsula, as well as the Island of Hvar and Scedro Island.


At the top of the hill, you will arrive in Pupnat – the village in the continental part of the island. If you need refreshments, there is a nice restaurant in the village, Restaurant Mate, in which, if you wish, you can sit and try some of the local specialties.


To continue with your walk, take the country lane to the right side, towards the east, in direction of Zrnovo. Most of this path is downhill, which is handy 🙂 after a 5 km uphill walk 🙂


On your way along this path, there are some nice views over Pupnat’s vineyards and patches of some cypress and pine trees.


Eventually, you will reach a point from which you can see, in front of you, a panorama of the Skoji archipelago as well as a panorama of Zrnovo.


At this point, you will be passing parallel to Kocje Protected Landscape. To your left, now you can see some interesting rock formations that are part of Kocje (photos of Kocje).


Further down the path, vineyards and gardens of Zrnovo will start to appear as well as the first houses of Prvo Selo, Barina and Brdo hamlets of Zrnovo village. You are in Zrnovo now, where you can have if you wish, refreshments in some of Zrnovo’s cafes or restaurants/konobas. From Zrnovo, you can either take a bus or choose to follow the path from Zrnovo to Korcula Town downhill via Lokva, Forteca and Novi Puti to finally reach the Town center.

Map of the walking route from Kneze via Pupnat to Zrnovo: