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Video projection: Hrvoje Hirsl – Reversible (Le temps detruit tout)

grey) (area . contemporary and media art space

Hrvoje Hirsl:
Reversible (Le temps detruit tout)

15 – 21 | 8 | 2012

opening: Wednesday 15th August, 21 – 23 h

curator: Darko Fritz

grey) (area present first showing of Reversible (Le temps detruit tout), new installation by Hrvoje Hirsl.

The cult film “Irreversible” of Gaspar Noé, is reedited and played backward in order to “correct” his originally twisted chronology and return it to the linear flow of time. This way, the movie ends with the “Happy Ending”. At the end of the film, that is, in this version, in the beginning, there is an inscription LE TEMPS DETRUIT TOUT (time destroys everything).

The second law of thermodynamics says that over the time things decay, namely, the order in a closed system reduces, ei, the entropy increases. Entropy is also called the arrow of time. Video projection is juxtaposed to the diagram that visualizes reversible and irreversible processes in thermodynamics. The diagram shows a hypothetical situation in which the process is reversible. The preconditions for this are that it is infinitely slow, and that there is no friction. All natural or spontaneous processes are irreversible. Given that this is the medium of film that is not a natural process, it is reversible, but in the process the narration is destroyed.

There is a famous Stephen Hawking’s statement in which he linked the “psychological time”, the way we remember things and “entropic time.” In other words, if the flow of entropy would reverse (as far as our brain is concerned) then literally time would go in the opposite direction, by which Hawking stated that the entropy and time are inextricably linked.

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