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Video Installation by Toni Mestrovic: Abyssos 6

toni mestrovic at siva zona in korcula

grey) (area – space of contemporary and media art, Korcula presents :  Toni Mestrovic: Abyssos 6 / from 17  to 28 . 07.2009 ; Opening: Friday 17th July  –  21 – 23 h / free entrance

Site-specific video installation making use of projection of  underwater scenes in relation with the ‘real’ sea and its sounds. The seafront  is ten meters in front of the of the gallery entrance. Sound composition is made in collaboration with German artist Hannes Hoelzl.

from artist satatement:

As a point of departure I looked at the word abyssos (bottomless),  which is a synonym for dark infinities and primal chaos. It was  important for me to create a work, with the intention to open up the  space between conscious and unconscious perception. The original  underwater footage is combined with the images and sounds that have 
been manipulated through digital processing technology. Like a kind of  a feedback system, real imagery (original video footage) is  intertwined with artificial imagery (manipulated footage and 3D  imagery).

Toni Mestrovic, born 1973 in Split, Croatia, graduated with a Graphic Arts degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1999, where he produced graphic arts, sculpture and installation. Due to his interest  in electronic audiovisual media, he studied Video/Digital Imaging at  the International Summer Academy for Contemporary Art in Salzburg in  1997, and completed a two-year postgraduate diploma in Media Art at  the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne in 2004. Video, sound and  audiovisual installations produced during Mestrovic’s postgraduate  studies explore his personal perception of the sea, and the island  where he grew up. Since 1992, he has taken part in group and solo  shows, as well as video festivals. Lives in Kastela and teaches at the  Arts Academy University of Split. ( website Toni Mestrovic: http://www.macaknara.hr )

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