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    πŸ’‘ hmmm, let’s hope things with bridge will progress once case with Ante Gotovina is solved…

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    thanks bruce for the good review of this site! πŸ˜†

    great photos on your site – hope to see you in korcula next time you visit

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    Hi Craig,

    Romantic things to do (in my opinion) would be to walk around Old Town of Korcula + walk Sveti Nikola – Novi Puti- Hober + Forteca + Sv Anton:


    Visit Dubrovnik and National Park on Mljet Island ( very romantic places) too.

    Check http://www.korcula-croatia.com/ for excursions.

    Re Kilt – you will deffinitly get drinks. I don’t think people will laugh to redicule it – they can only be pleasently surprised!

    Thanks for adopting Croatian team !


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    ok bob, drink accepted !

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    hi dylan

    korcula is not as sofisticated regarding cycling as one can expect.

    there is no designated cycling lanes or similar, no cycling clubs, no even cycling shops etc… 😳 πŸ˜₯

    BUT – there are a lot of good routes to cycle on and off road, so i expect you will have a good time here.

    therefore, i suggest you to bring your bike and enjoy various routes ( general local map is on sale around the town). also, bring all necessary repair kits, as there is no a lot of choice here

    have a great time!

    ( edita – the broken legged cyclist)

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    Hi Dietrich,

    There is no dedicated cycling lines on the Island of Korcula. Nonetheless, as I am cyclist myself, I would still

    confim thay cycling on Korcula is quite safe, as there is no a lot of traffic here.

    There are various good routes to follow – (hard to choose the best one) – have a look at the maps page : https://www.korculainfo.com/maps/

    Most of the roads are asfalted, but there are some non-asfalt roads for more adventurous, perhaps mountbiking, tours.

    If you are mountbiker, I would reccommend routes around Lumbarda and Zrnovo, especially roads around Defora ( southern side of Island near Zrnovo) as well as Kneze-Pupnat one.

    Otherwise, just stay on main roads, make shure you keep extremly right and beware of parked cars – ready ( as always) to open their doors right into your face, (and then say: sorry, i didn’t see you ) πŸ˜‰



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    Hi Anna,

    The easiest way to reach Mljet is with ‘tour’ organised by local travel agent. It will take you from Korcula Old Town to village Pomena ( on Mljet) near the entrance to National Park.

    Altenatevly, you can drive ( take a bus) from Korcula to Trstenik (Peljesac) and then take ferry to Pomena (Mljet).

    For tour to Mljet from Korcula have a look at :

    Also, have a look at Map Mljat page for location of places:

    in reply to: Banks in Korcula #21735


    ❗ Hi Paedar,

    This is what i found at Splitska Banka website :

    ATM services are available non-stop. Following a simple procedure, led by the ATM itself, after entering your PIN, you will be able to:

    make an inquiry on your account balance;

    withdraw cash without commission using your Splitska banka VISA card;

    maximum daily amount that may be withdrawn, subject to the prior verification of the balance and current account overdraft limit, is HRK 4,000.00 in 2 or 4 tranches;

    high quality clients may obtain even better conditions;

    withdraw cash by using other issuers’ VISA cards;

    HRK 1,000.00 per transaction daily;

    the number of daily transactions and commissions depend upon the card isssuer;

    withdraw cash using a MasterCard, EuroCard, Maestro, Cirrus, American Express;

    if you are our client, to buy CRONET and VIPNET GSM prepaid coupons. The certificate will show the value of the coupon and the code for reloading your prepaid account.

    you can check too : http://www.splitskabanka.hr/eng/gradani_bankomati.asp

    Splitska banka has cash mashine in Korcula ( see above link for details-address)

    Hope this helps.



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    Sarah, there is a photo pocessing shop in Korcula as well as computer shops where you can burn cd’s with your photos.

    All those places are located in the very centre of the Korcula Town.

    Very easy to find.

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    Hi Stief,

    Same apply for Vela Luka – couple of clubs, nothing spectacular.

    Mostly boring ( zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz )

    Vela Luka is 50 km away from Korcula

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    Hi Miriam,

    There are couple of night clubs in Korcula as well as some at other places on the island.

    There is nothing spectacular about them- just basic night-club feeling. πŸ™

    Korcula is not really a clubbing place, as some other places along croatian coast.

    πŸ’‘ I guess you would be better of to choose Hvar if you are after clubbing mostly…

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    Hi Pauline,

    Yes, there is a gym in Korcula – it’s called fitness club ‘zabac’ and we have a link to it’s page :


    You can try some other sports like walking, cycling, windsurfing etc. There is plenty of opportunities for this on the island!

    Link for windsurfing :


    and sports in general:


    8) enjoy! 8)

    in reply to: What is a favourite day trip from Korcula #21714


    Yes, Mljet is definitely a place not to be missed. Other convenient day-trips are trips to Hvar as well as Dubrovnik.
    BTW – I am in the process of writing a page about excursions from Korcula, so come back on http://www.korculainfo.com soon to read about it


    Here is the promised info about day-trip from Korcula:

    Dubrovnik to Korcula and back (Korcula to Dubrovnik)

    in reply to: Internet Cafe in Korcula #21705


    Hi Kurt,

    Yes, there are quite few internet cafes in Korcula. All of them are based in the very centre of Korcula Town, so you will not have any problems finding and using internet while in Korcula.


    in reply to: Restoran Natura Lumbarda #21688


    Hi Marinko,

    Zahvaljujemo na ovom vasem komentaru. Iako je “sluzbeni” jezik na ovom forumu Engleski, ostavit cemo vas komentar jer smatramo da je relevantan i dobrodosao. πŸ™‚

    Hi Marinko,

    Thanks for this post. It is very welcome and helpful to comment on eating – out experiences in and around Korcula.

    We are sorry to hear you had terrible experience at restaurant “Natura” in Lumbarda, but we welcome your effort to pass that message to visitors to Korcula and Lumbarda as these kind of comments are very helpful.

    Our policy is to encurriage any kind of positive or negative comments about services on the island…

    We hope in the future you will have some beter experiences at Korcula…

    in reply to: how to book camp kalac? #21099


    Camp Kalac is the only campsite in the Korcula Town.

    It is on reasonable walking distance ( 20 min) from Korcula Old Town.

    More Info on Camp Kalac :


    in reply to: outside swimming pool #21669


    No, Hotel Marco Polo hasn’t have outside swimming pool, but neighbouring Hotel Liburna has one.

    I believe you can use that one for free as both hotels belong to same company…



    in reply to: how to book camp kalac? #21663


    Unfortunately, I have no other tel no’s except one you have.

    They should be ok no’s – try early in the morning, as they don’t work late in the afternoon.

    Their postal address is

    HTP Korcula, 20260 Korcula, Croatia, attn – Camp Kalac booking department.

    I hope this helps.

    in reply to: how to book camp kalac? #21661


    Try this one : 00 385 20 726 480


    in reply to: Waterpolo Club in Korcula #21622


    Hi Michelle

    Unfortunately, there is no women waterpolo team in Korcula. πŸ™„


    Waterpolo is here played by men only ( ?! πŸ™„ πŸ™„ )

    so you would need to try somewhere else for your waterpolo lessons.

    I am not even shure about Croatia and it’s female waterpolo clubs… would need to check that one…

    The club’s name is KPK which means Korculanski Plivacki Klub ( translated: Swimming Club of Korcula).

    BTW – try Vela Luka waterpolo club – perhaps they can help?

    in reply to: Was this serious? #21615



    It doesn’t seem serious.

    Things like that are going on all the time around the earth.

    8) 8)

    I guess….


    in reply to: Windsurfing #21613


    I am not shure how good are their boards, but try this website:


    They have sailing and windsurfing school in Korcula, so I guess their boards would be decentΒ 

    in reply to: Worth hiring a car on Korcula? #21597


    There are a lot of local buses going all over the island so all places are easily accessable. I’m shure you can have a good time without a car.

    You can rent a bicycle if you want to explore on your own – have a look at pages : https://www.korculainfo.com/beaches/



    for more info about the island.

    But if you still need a car you can book it here:



    in reply to: From Split airport to Korcula in August #21596


    You will definetly get place on ferry as foot-only passengers. Catamaran has limited number of seats so you never know.

    There is direct service catamaran Split-Korcula, but timetables are not yet known for your dates


    in reply to: From Split airport to Korcula in August #21594


    Per, your arrival in Split is fairly eary in the day, so I would suggest you to use either Split-Vela Luka ferry or catamaran and then bus to Korcula+taxi to Lumbarda, or wait for afternoon return of catamaran from Split to Korcula.

    I just checked Jadrolinija timetable and it says for 09/07 Korcula -Split:

    KOR?ULA 09.07.2004 departs 12:20 arrival SPLIT 18:00

    Personaly, I think Jadrolinija journey is most pleasant among all possibilities.

    For timetables see :


    For airconditioned room in Lumbarda-my choice would be Lumbarda Hotel!

    For prices and availability check :




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