Update 2: New Parking and Business Centre in Korcula Town

This is one of the latest photos of construction site for new parking and business centre in Korcula Town.

The photo, taken from Orebic on Peljesac shows the construction site as it is seen from across the Channel from Korcula Old Town.

Few months ago when I wrote about this new development I was enthusiastic (click for maps and plans).  However, at this stage, although the site is not yet completed, I feel a bit confused and indecisive as I must admit, it looks ugly 🙁

My only hope now is that the whole thing will get hidden from views by some clever planting around the building which can (eventually) integrate the structure into the landscape..

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  • MP on April 16th, 2012 9:09 pm

    Nevjerojatno da je netko dozvolio oavko grozomoran projekt u ovolikom opsegu. Kada ga završe povjesna jezgra izgledat će kao assesoar neonskom šoping centru…

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