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Two towers restored in Ston at Peljesac Peninsula

The two towers of the Ston Walls have been restored recently in restoration led by the Association of Friends of Dubrovnik Antiques which is in charge of Ston Walls.

Through the restauration, Barabanata Tower has been converted into art gallery while restoration of the Arcimun Tower converted this tower to events venue with video wall and multimedia centre.

The walls of Ston were open to the pubic two years ago after quite a few years of laborius work.

Ston walls were built in the 14th century, in 1334, soon after the Dubrovnik Republic took over Peljesac Peninsula . This monumental defence system, the great wall, was built for protection of its inhabitants and was one of the largest fortified urban construction in Europe in those times.

Nowadays, there are only five kilometres of the Walls left as the rest was destroyed in the earthquakes during the 17th and 20th cetruries. The walls were fortified with about 40 towers and 5 forts built around Ston and Mali Ston towns at Peljesac Peninsula.

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